How to Make Chunk Candles

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To make chunk candles, a mold is filled with wax chunks and over poured with normal, liquid melted wax and removed when it is hardened. Making chunk candles is a very good way to make your candles in different designs. Though it is easy, it gets a little longer to make than other types of candles. But the result is that you get beautiful candles. They can also be made as pillar candles, using molds (this is common) or as container candles, using glass jars. Either way, you would get wonderful results.

Normally, you would need wax, more than you would normally need. This is because some wax would be used to make the chunks while the rest would be over-poured to give the wax its solid shape. You can use any type of wax to make the chunk. But for the over-pour wax, you should opt for a fairly transparent wax like paraffin wax and one that is hard enough to make the candle stand alone, if you would be making pillar chunk candles.

And then you would need fragrance oils and colour dyes too. These are very important in making chunk candles, especially dyes. You need wicks too, with a mold or glass jar. A thermometer, cookie sheet, cooking spray, double boiler, knife and so on are other things you would need.

how to make chunk candles

How to Make Chunk Candles

Step One

The first thing to do is to make the wax chunks. Melt some wax in a double boiler till it reaches a temperature of about 185°F. When it is fully melted, add some wax and colour as you so desire. Then put some cooking spray or silicone spray in the cookie sheet so the wax chunks would not stick to the sheet. Do not add too much and wipe off excess.

Step Two

After that, pour the melted wax in the cookie sheet. The depth is determined by how thick you want the chunks should be. Pour around the cooking sheet so that the wax would spread evenly. And be careful not to spill any.

Step Three

Finally, to make the chunks, leave the wax to cool for some time but not completely. Then carefully, use a knife to slice through it, depending on the designs you want. Cut out any shape that you want. But put your mold or glass jar into consideration. You do not want wax chunks that would not fit into the mold you are using.

You may have to do this more than once if you want more than one colour of wax chunks. Let the chunks cool completely and then remove them from the sheet. They should come off easily. But if not, just pull gently. The next process now is actually making the candles.

Step Four

Melt the over-pour wax in a double boiler to the same temperature. When it melts fully, you can add fragrance and colour to it. Then place the chunks in the mold or container. You can arrange them carefully to form patterns or just pour them in randomly.

Step Five

Before arranging the chunks in the mold or jar, set your wick up normally, straight up, at the centre. Then pour the just melted wax into the container. This is the over-pour. If you're looking for a good candle wick, we recommend you to use our cotton candle wicks. 

Step Six

Leave this to cool for some hours. If you used a mold, remove the candle from it once it hardens. Trim the wicks and then your beautiful candle is ready.


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