How to Make Stacked Candles

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Stacked candles are products of creativity. A stacked candle is simply made by arranging wax cut-outs on top of each other (stacking).

What You Need to Make Stacked Candles

Of course, you will need some wax, and wick too. You can make use of whatever wax you want. And if you would use beeswax, then use the sheets. Using beeswax sheets to make stacked candles is very easy because there is no melting involved. You just cut the sheets into desired shapes and begin stacking. Besides, beeswax sheets mostly come in honeycomb design and they also have a natural scent and colour so additional ones may not be needed anymore.

If not beeswax sheets, then you would need some candle making suppliesadditional candle dye and fragrance oil, together with a double boiler and a stove for melting. A cookie tray or cake pan would be used as mold and the wax would also be cut on them. Cutting is involved, so get a craft knife or cookie cutter. Other things like a thermometer for temperature, toothpicks (or a skewer) for wicking too will be needed. And don’t forget cleaning materials, for when you are done with the craft.

how to make stacked candles

How to Make Stacked Candles

Step One

Measure the amount of wax you need and melt it in a double boiler. You are looking to get its temperature to 180°F. Stir the wax gently as it melts.

Step Two

Add colour and scent as desired when the wax melts completely. The candle dye should be added first; scent oil should be added just before pouring the wax. Stir each with the wax after adding for it to blend well.

Step Three

Clean your cookie tray or cake pan and pour the wax. The depth should only be about a quarter to half an inch.

Step Four

Leave the wax for some time to cool but it should still be soft. You are going to cut the wax next but if it is hardened, that may not be possible. Using a craft knife, or cookie cutters, cut the wax into desired shapes. For a start, you may cut into small squares alone. But as time goes on, you may try different shapes and designs. Also, poke a hole in the centre of each shape with the toothpick or skewer. The holes are meant for the wick to pass through. Once that is done, leave the wax cut-outs again to cool.

Step Five

Remove the cut-outs from the pan with a spatula. Begin stacking them up, threading the wick through the holes you have made in each piece. You may decide to arrange them straight up or twist them.

Step Six

To get each piece to adhere to the other, you may melt the top with a heat gun and press another down on it.

Your candle is then ready for use. You do not have to use a uniform shape or even a uniform colour. Alternate between shapes and colours for fun.

If you used beeswax sheets and it cracks, heat it with a hairdryer for a few seconds, with the heat turned low. 

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