About Us

We are a group of Companies (USA & Canadian based) producing CozYours branded products. We focus on providing Arts, Crafts & Home products. We support DIY candle makers with qualitive candle making supplies that work well together - Soy Wax, Cotton and Organic Beeswax Hemp Candle Wicks, Candle Metal Tabs, Candle Wick Stickers, Dyes & Fragrance Oils, Metal Centering Devices  - everything for Candle Making! Instead of buying candles at a craft store make candles at home!

We offer the best price-quality relation possible. We have been working since 2015.

Meet Our Team

If you want to hear more from us shoot us a note:

DENEM Enterprises LLC
USA, 1910 Thomes Ave, Cheyenne, WY, 82001 
Denem Publishing LP

Or send us some mail:
1 Yonge Street
Suite 1801
Toronto, ON,
Canada M5E 1W7