How to Make Floating Candles

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Floating candles are special candles designed to float on water. They are usually very small and come in various designs. Most floating candles, however, come in round shapes. They are made in special floater molds or tart molds. Muffin trays are also a pretty alternative. They are mostly made in sets of about twelve and are very affordable. You can make your own floating candles at home too. That is what this article is all about.

In terms of size, there are only a few options: the small and large ones. In actual fact, anyway, the large ones are also small compared to other types of candles. The smaller ones can burn for about an hour. But the larger floating candles can burn for up to two or three hours. Very large ones are not suitable, as they would not float. Some tealight candles are also used to make floating candles but regular floating candles are much better. Most floating candles are made with paraffin wax which is not expensive to purchase.

Floating candles are especially great candles for decoration. They are usually put in glass jars or vases filled with water. You can put in objects such as flower petals, sand, stones, pearls etc. to create various scenes and add an extra touch of beauty. Floating candles are good centrepieces for dinners. Just fill a glass with water and put some candles into it and have a great dinner. I will quickly go over the ingredients and supplies you need to make floating candles.

how to make floating candles

What You Need to Make Floating Candles

Candle Wax

Paraffin wax is a popular choice. But if you want a natural alternative, beeswax is good too. That is if you are ready to pay the price as it is very expensive. Half a pound of wax can be used to make about ten to twelve small candles.

Candle Molds

There are special floater molds that can be purchased. As mentioned above, some opt for tart molds or even muffin trays. There are also plastic molds. Keep in mind that there is no strict rule concerning this.

Candle Wicks

When choosing wicks, pre-tabbed wicks are generally recommended. (6 inch Cotton Candle Wicks) They are easier to use and such wicks are more secured in the wax. You would also need a skewer to bore small holes in the wax for the wick to be put in.

Glass and Decorative Objects

Select a glass you would fill with water and place the candles in. Ensure the glass you use is wide enough to contain the candles you want to put in. Decorative objects such as smooth stones and flower petals also enhance the beauty of your candles. You can select objects to use in such a way that you theme the water glass. However, be careful with this and stick to one theme so you would not end up messing everything up instead of making it beautiful.

Candle Additives

Floating candles hold fragrance and colour well. You might want to get dye chips and essential oils appropriate for the type of wax you are using so the candle would throw off scent well. For dye chips, you would probably only need one or two per pound of wax. We recommend using our kit with 16 Colors & 4 Fragrance Oils.

Other Candle Making Supplies

Other materials you will need are popular for candle making irrespective of the type. They include supplies such as a double boiler and a stove for heating up your wax and a pair of scissors for trimming your wax. Paper towels are needed for cleaning up after work while old newspapers would protect your working surface from wax spills. It is very easy to make floating candles. You just have to go through the following processes carefully.

How to Make Floating Candles

Step One

To melt your wax, heat it up in a double boiler under medium heat. Add your dye chips to the wax according to its shape as it melts. Stir the wax gently for about a minute so that the colour can spread well throughout the wax. Keep your eye on the burning wax. When the wax melts completely (at about 185°F­­­), the stove should be turned off and fragrance should be added.

Step Two

After adding the fragrance, it is time for the wax to be poured into your desired molds. Let the wax cool to about 150°F before you pour it. To avoid your work surface getting messed up with wax, you can set some old newspapers on it and place the molds on top. Pour the wax slowly. Doing otherwise would cause air bubbles to form in the candle and you would not want that. Try to fill the molds with wax to the brim but carefully.

Step Three

Usually, with other types of candles, the wicks are adhered before pouring in the wax. But this is not so with floating candles. Just as the wax you poured begins to cool is the right moment to insert your wicks. You can use a skewer to make a hole in the wax and gently insert your wick. Do so at the centre of the candle so that it would burn well.

Do not insert your wick all the way from the top through the bottom. And do not insert the wick from the bottom as well. Since the candles are going to be on water, doing so would get the wick wet and the candle would not burn well. Make sure the wick is well secured as you are going to place the candle in water holding on to the wick. Also, do not use a wick that is too large as it would give off smoke and soot when burning.

Step Four

When the wicks are secured in each mold, leave the candles to cool and harden. This would take a couple of hours. When the candles harden, remove each gently. Do not try to remove the candles before they harden. However, if the candles are completely cooled but are still difficult to remove, put them in the fridge for a few minutes and try again. The wicks should be trimmed to ¼ inch.

Step Five

The candles should be ready for use at this stage, but you still have to prepare the glass. Add your decorative materials to it. Remember to stick to a single theme. Then pour water into your glass but do not fill it up. Gently pick up your candles and put them in the water one after the water. Pull by the wicks as you do so. And do not let water splash onto the candles as the wick can get wet. Make sure you do not put too many candles into one glass.

After going through the steps above, your candles are ready for use. Just light them up and watch them enliven the room. Floating candles are really cool.


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