How to Make Candles with Jewellery Hidden Inside

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What Are Candles with Jewellery Hidden Inside?

Lovers of luxury, this is for you. If you are a lover of mystery and treasure hunts this is for you. Whenever you want to present a gift to someone and cannot seem to find the perfect gift, look no further than making a jewellery candle. Whenever you want to catch someone by surprise, throwing them completely off-guard, make a jewellery candle. A jewellery candle is simply one with a piece of jewellery hidden (or embedded) inside.

That is, the person who is burning a jewellery candle would never know until they burn their candle to a certain extent. Jewellery candles are also known as ring candles since rings are the most common piece of jewellery embedded. You can also embed a necklace or whatever piece of jewellery is small enough to fit in a candle. Therefore, embedding jewellery into a candle is hiding a treasure while burning the candle itself is the treasure hunt. What fun! Jewellery candles are meant to be gifts. That is unless you want to amuse yourself by embedding it and burning the candle to unveil it too. That is also allowed.

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Which Type of Candle to Choose?

Jewellery candles are container candles and this can be easily understood. All there is to do is to insert the piece of jewellery into the container and pour wax over it. Container candles are the ones where the wax is poured into the same container that the candle is meant to be burned in. Standalone candles, on the other hand, are made with molds and just like the name, are meant to be burned ‘standing alone’. Also, most pillar and taper candles come in slim shapes that do not afford us the opportunity to embed a piece of jewellery inside them.

Notwithstanding, they come in various other shapes, including fat ones. But in candle making, when there are talks about something being embedded into a candle, it is usually with container candles. Pillar candles can only hold very minute decorations like glitter and so on. So for this article, I would be teaching how to make embed jewellery in a container candle.

Which Container to Choose?

That the candles are container candles means that you would need jars to make them. Tins can also be used but are less common. If you want, you can purchase mason jars with lids online. But you do not have to go that far. You can make use of empty glass jars at home. You just have to be sure they are thick enough to hold hot wax. Very hot wax can crack thin glasses.

Protect Your Jewellery

When the jar is ready, the next thing is to get the ring or any other piece of jewellery to be embedded. Examine whatever one you are buying to be sure it is original and has no damage. It is a gift and you would want to buy only something of high quality. I can guess the question going on in your mind now. You do not just throw the ring into the container and pour hot wax over it. No. That would damage the ring and you do not want that. To present that, wrap it in some tinfoil. Make sure the tinfoil covers it completely so that no wax can slip in and cause damage. To even protect it better, you can first put it in a plastic bag and seal it before wrapping in tinfoil.

Which Candle Wax to Choose?

When you have the jar and the piece of jewellery ready, the next step is to get the wax and the wick. Container candles are really versatile in this respect. That is, you can make use of any wax of your choice. If you want a natural vegetable wax (e.g. soy wax) or natural beeswax, make sure you go for ones labelled ‘100%’. If not, you could just be buying wax blends. Cotton wicks are a very good and popular type of wick. They come braided to ensure better burn. You would also need to get wick stickers to adhere wick to the container but they are not compulsory though. We think our soy wax candle making kit will be perfect for making these candles.

Candle Making Tools

The tools you would need are traditional container candle making tools: a double boiler, a stove, thermometer, and a pair of scissors. If you like, you can add scent and colour too. There are a lot of options in the market. You can make an all-natural candle by using an essential oil. Now, let us go into the actual candle-making process. It is important for me to have made the explanations above so that you would fully understand what you need to do before the actual candle making. Your materials should all be ready before you begin.

How to Make Jewellery Candles

Step One

Just like in making any other candle, the first process in this is to melt the wax. Your double boiler and stove are meant for this. Also as usual, attach the wick to the bottom of the container as the wax melts. Use a wick sticker for this, a little glue, or dip its end into the melting wax. Be sure that the wick is properly centred. Place a pencil across the top of the jar and wrap the excess wick at the top around it to secure the wick. All this while, continue monitoring the melting wax.

Step Two

When the wax melts completely, add scent and colour as desired. For scents especially, the packaging would come with specific instructions on how to use so follow them. Your thermometer is useful here to measure temperature.

Step Three

Place your ring (remember, wrapped in tinfoil) in the container. You can place it at the bottom. Or you may pour some wax, place the ring and pour the rest of the wax on top.

Step Four

Allow your wax several hours to cool and harden. As it cools, you may notice a sinkhole. Just reheat excess wax and top off the candle. Then leave the candle to continue melting.

Step Five

When the wax cools completely, trim the wick with the pair of scissors.
It is good to use glass jars with a lid so that when the candle is ready, you can seal it as packaging. Since it is a gift, you can make do with a little decoration. Just tying a decorative ribbon around the container is enough.

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