How to Color Candles Naturally

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A less popular, but a good method for colouring candles is the use of herbs. This is the natural way to colour candles. In truth, there are many dyes that are made with herbs whose colours are extracted in the process. You might wonder how to use plants for colouring candles in a way that does not clog the wick.

How to Color Candles Naturally

The trick is to use coffee filter sachets, cheesecloths or a small muslin bag to hold your desired herbs and a string. This functions like a teabag which is then placed in melting wax or oil. It would take several hours (even a whole day) for it to tint the wax so you should heat your wax on low heat, otherwise, it would burn. You can use a crockpot for this. As the process can take really long, stir every couple of hours. Do so when you are making the candles, while the wax is melting. You can also do this with a little wax or oil before the actual candle making process. The tinted wax/oil is then added to the wax you would actually use to make your candles.

The problem...

The problem with this natural method is inconsistency in colour. So you should only use it to make a couple of candles and not big projects. But they are a great way to colour candles which you should try. The type of herb you use determines the colour you get. Turmeric is popular for this and it gives you yellow to orange colour. For different shades of green, use snapdragons, rosemary, spirulina, parsley, kelp, artichokes etc. and different plant leaves.

For shades of yellow and orange, go for lemon or orange fruits peels, annatto seeds, onion skins, ground lichen etc. Hibiscus, strawberry and cherry fruits, alkanet, paprika, rosehips and so on would give you shades of pink to purple. You can explore various other herbs and fruits for other colours.

How to Color Candles Naturally


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