How to get Candle Wax out of Carpets

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Materials needed:

  • butter knife,
  • vacuum cleaner (or broom),
  • iron,
  • carpet stain remover,
  • white cotton towels,
  • ice cubes,
  • a plastic bag,
  • brown paper bags,
  • rubbing alcohol (70%).

Step 1: Removing the obvious wax. Scrape the wax off the carpet with the butter knife. Some of the wax may still be soft, so you need to get it hardened so that it would be easier to be scraped off. Place some ice cubes in the plastic bag and place the bag over the wax stain for it to harden. Then scrape it off again with the knife. After that, use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the scraped wax (or just sweep it off).

Step 2: Melting the remaining wax. Place a paper bag over the stain; make sure it covers the stain completely and iron it. The heat from the iron should be really low so that you would not burn the carpet. As you do, you would notice melted wax seeping out and soak the bag. Replace the wax paper and heat again. Repeat this process until no more wax seeps out. Use the ice cube process in step 1 to harden the wax, scrape it off and vacuum it. Do this until the wax is removed.

Step 3: Removing the stain. Even though the wax is gone, the stain may not. Use a carpet stain remover for this or rubbing alcohol. Pour some rubbing alcohol on the white cloth and dab it on the stain. Dab, not rub or soak. The stain colour will be transferred to the cloth. Change the cloths repeatedly until it is all out.

How to get Candle Wax out of Carpets


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