How to Make a Double Boiler

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What is a double boiler?

A double boiler is one of the important tools in candle making. Any wax has to be first melted before being poured whatever container or mold you use. There are only a few types of candle that do not require wax melting but almost all do. While there are various methods and tools you can use to melt your wax, the use of a double boiler is the most prominent. And what is a double boiler?

If you have some experience in candle making already, you probably already know what a double boiler is. Just as the name implies, it is a pit that is made of two pots (2-in-1). There is a large pot that is just like a traditional saucepan and a smaller one placed inside it.

A double boiler is used to heat products that do not require direct heating. In candle making, a double boiler is used by pouring some wax into the smaller pan on top and putting it in the large pot. The large pot is filled with some water beforehand. Thus, in melting wax using a double boiler, the wax does not come in contact with the direct heat from the stove. Rather, the water in the large pot is heated and it, in turn, heats up the wax. The reason to use a double boiler in candle making is to prevent the wax from getting too hot. Wax is flammable, and if exposed to direct heat, it can burst into flames. So it is recommended to use a double boiler to melt the wax.

How to Make a Double Boiler

You probably already have a double boiler at home already. It is not only used for making candles. But when it comes to making candles, you would need a dedicated double boiler. It does not make sense to use a double boiler for another purpose (cook) after using it to melt the wax. Of course, you would be able to purchase a double boiler. But how about a cheaper option? It is using a homemade double boiler.

And it is easy to make one. All you need is one regular pot. Nothing would happen to that one; it is meant to hold the water so there is no damage. To hold the wax would be a large coffee can. A large coffee can can contain about 4 lb. of wax. And that amount of wax should be enough for most of your candle making needs at home. Clean it thoroughly before using it to remove dirt and make sure it is not wet.

Whatever pot you choose should be large enough to hold the coffee can. Fill the pot halfway up with water. Pour some wax into the coffee can; leave at least an inch at the top of the can empty. Place it in the pot (with water); place the pity over a stove and turn the heat up to a medium level to bring the water to a simmer. You have made your DIY double boiler.

Apart from a coffee can, just about any heat-resistant container can be used. Aluminium and copper containers are good and heat up quickly. A mixing bowl can be used. To make the inner pot of container keep standing straight, you need to select one that fits well into the larger pot.

How to Make a Double Boiler


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