How to Melt Candle Wax in a Microwave

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This process is much easier and safer than using a double boiler. For this, you would need a microwave (obviously), a microwave safe bowl and a pot holder or hand towel.

First, connect your microwave to electricity. Add your required wax into the safe bowl. The safe bowl should be microwaveable. Place it in the microwave, turn up the heat and let your wax melt for, say, five minutes or less, but not more. This is because you need to monitor your wax. So every two minutes, take out the safe bowl, check the temperature of the wax, stir the wax and put it back. Of course, the bowl would be hot. That is why you should use a hand towel or pot holder to remove the bowl.

Add scent and colour dyes only when the wax completely melts and stir thoroughly. After this, you may have to melt your wax for a little time again. This time taking it out every thirty seconds. Always check the temperature when you bring out the safe bowl and know the flashpoint of the wax you are using.


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