When and How to Double Wick a Candle

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Sometimes, you will need to use a double wick for your candles though most people do not know when to double wick a candle. You should actually double wick your candles if the diameter of the container is more than 4”. In such cases, using a double wick will make the candle burn better. Using double wicks, in this case, is better than just using a larger wick. You should also double wick your candle if your container has an irregular shape. 

Using a double wick is pretty easy. Divide the diameter of your container into two and each wick you use should be based on that size. That is, if your container is 6”, choose a wick size for a 3” container. This will ensure that each wick services both halves of the container well. Each of the wicks should be placed halfway between the center and the edge of the container. However, make sure that they are not too close to each other or too close to the edge of the container.

P.S. It's your personal choice to decide how many wicks to use for one candle. You can even make a candle with five wicks. But it's very important to choose the right wick size for each part of your container. 

how to double wick a candle


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