How to Buy Candle Making Supplies

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You must have learned that it is cheaper and easier to make candles yourself and you probably don’t know where or how to start. This article is the answer to your questions. Of course, you begin any project by getting the right supplies. You will need candle wax, candle wick, containers and molds, double boiler, a stove, thermometer, additives, cleaning materials etc. If you are going to buy candle making supplies the most confusing aspect is how to choose the right supplies.

The most important factor to be considered in this is the type of candle you want to make. Some type of waxes and wicks work best with making container candles while others work best with making other types such as pillar candles. The major area of confusion is in choosing the right candle wax or wick, and sometimes containers and molds. All three are addressed here. Follow closely, it’s not difficult.

How to Choose the Right Candle Wax

The wax is very important as it keeps the candle burning as it melts. There are a lot of factors to be considered in choosing the right type of candle wax. I’ll give details on the major types of candle wax. It’s up to you to choose one based on the type of candle you want to make.

Paraffin wax is the cheapest type of wax and the most common. It is also very flexible to work with as it can be used to make different types of candles.

Soy wax is another very common type of wax which is also cheap. It is a natural alternative to paraffin wax. You should use this if you are concerned about paraffin’s toxicity. You can easily get it from farms.

Beeswax is gotten from bees. It is a good alternative, though expensive. This is mainly because it is not very easy to get from the bees that make them. You will find beeswax on local and online stores. You can also get them from local beekeepers if you happen to know one.

Gel wax is very good, though it is not very easy to work with. You should not use it on your first candle making project as beginners can really get things messy. The advantage of gel wax over others is that it’s the type of wax you can easily ‘play’ and experiment with. Anyway, note that it can get really hot so be careful when you work with it.

There are other lesser known types of wax such as palm wax, bayberry wax etc. And there are also wax blends you can use. Paraffin or soy wax is suitable for most candles. But feel free to work with different types of wax.

How to Choose the Right Candle Wicks

There are many varieties of wicks available and it can be confusing to choose one. The most important considerations to make in choosing a candle wick are the type and size of containers. Most wicks are braided and made of cotton.

Zinc core wicks are rigid and stay in place while the wax is being poured into the container, known as the ‘hot-pour’ process. However, they are prone to giving off carbon deposit (blooming). They are okay anyway for making container candles using paraffin wax.

The flat braided LX wick curls as the candle burns. This makes the candle burn well. It can be used to make either container candles or pillar candles and work well with any of paraffin or soy wax. LX wick is okay for most people especially beginners who don’t know which type of wick to choose. Some types of wax come already pre-waxed. It allows for rigidity.

A new alternative in the candle making business is the wooden candle wick. However, they can only be used to make container candles. The type of wick you choose should be based on what you plan to achieve as there is no perfect wick. Be careful however in making your choice. You may work with different types of candles before you find the right one for your project.

How to Choose the Right Candle Containers and Molds

In making container candles, you can go to a local store and buy small glass jars or tins. Alternatively, you can make use of used empty jars at home. Whether you buy or employ a used one, make sure that the container you use is heat-resistant and would not crack when hot wax is poured in. Some jars would crack or even break when subjected to high heat. This will ruin your work.

I’ve mentioned earlier that gel wax can get particularly hotter than other wax types. So, remember when choosing a container. You should also make sure that your container does not leak anywhere before use. A leaking jar will let wax out.

Molds are used to make pillar candles. The most common types of molds are metal, plastic and silicone molds. The metal mold is the most common. Silicon molds should only be used as you get advanced in candle making. Silicon molds are fun to work with as they come in many kinds of shapes. Choosing the right mold is not difficult. Metal and plastic molds are okay for beginners.

Other Candle Making Supplies

Most candle making supplies could be gotten from local stores or online. Other items you will need are a double boiler, thermometer, digital scales, heat source (e.g. a stove), wick stickers and wick stabilizers, rubber spatula, additives, and cleaning materials.

One interesting fact is that there are easy substitutes for most of the items. Instead of a rubber spatula, you can use your thermometer to stir wax. You can also dip the tip of your wick into melting wax to stick it to the bottom of the container instead of getting wick stickers. Your old pens can also function as wick stabilizers.

It is important to know where and how to buy candle making supplies. You should be able to get most of them in the art and craft section of your local retail store. There are also sites that offer candle making supplies for sale. A simple internet site should provide you with information on this. You can also get them on online stores such as Amazon.

Even if you are not buying on the internet, you can use it to compare prices so as to make sure you are getting a good deal. However, be careful if you are buying on the internet as it is easy to get scammed that way. Following this guide, it should be easy for you to choose the right supplies for your candle and get such to buy.

how to buy candle making supplies

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