Different Ways to Center a Candle Wick

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One of the most important steps in candle making is ensuring that the wick is centred in the container and stays so, straight. This is also present in wicking molds for making pillar candles. Though molds have a tiny centred hole at the bottom through which the wick passes, it is still necessary for the wick to be straight. This should be ensured when the wax is being poured in. Once the wax has been poured into the container, one may be unable to adjust the wicks again. Let’s learn how to center a candle wick.

How to Find the Center of the Candle

The first problem with centering a candle wick is actually how to find the center of the candle. Usually, this can be done by just using your eyes to calculate the center of the wick. Even if it is not exact, you would get a very approximate value if you calculate well. But sometimes, one may be wrong too.

So many people have considered that there must be a method that is accurate. If you use a regular size of a container, place one of the containers on a cardboard and trace out the centre with a pen. Then calculate the center on that cardboard and mark the point. The marked cardboard then becomes a guide for other containers.

Just place the container over it and attach the wick at the point. This works well only with glass jars, as they are transparent. This problem does not exist with molds. Most molds do have a tiny hole through which the candle wick is meant to be passed through.

Now that you have found the center, and have attached the candle, the next step is to keep the candle standing straight and centered. There are different ways to do this.

How to Center a Candle Wick with a Pencil

This first method is very common. It involves getting a pencil, pen or a thin piece of wood. Wrap the excess wick at the top of the candle around the pen or pencil and lay it across the top of the container. Make sure the wick is straight and does not wobble. But do so gently.

how to center a candle wick with a pencil

How to Center a Candle Wick with Chopsticks

This one also follows the idea of the first method. This one can be used if the excess wick is not long enough to be wrapped around a pencil. Just get two thin sticks, probably a pair of chopsticks or two toothpicks, depending on the size of the container or mold. The main idea is the number ‘two’. Tie both sticks together with a string. A rubber band would do too. Set the tied sticks accross the top of the container, or mold and gently let the wick pass through in between. You should not tie the sticks too tightly, else the wick would not pass through. And do not tie too loosely too, else the wick would not stay firm.

how to center a candle wick with chopsticks

How to Center a Candle Wick with a Centering Tool

You can also decide to go extra mile by purchasing wick centring tools. These tools are available in various sizes and are not expensive. Wick centering tools are the best option when double wicking a large container candle. Large ones have more than one hole for this purpose.

There are really many ways you can make your wick centered using common household items. Some even use cardboards/cardstocks and other materials. Just choose an item that suits you and apply either method one or two to make your wick centered.

In case your wick goes off center during the pour process. You can adjust it quickly, but gently before the wax gets too cool.

how to center a candle wick with a centering tool


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