Exquisite Pewter Scorpio Zodiac Statuette: A Stunning Symbol of Passion and Determination

  • $99.00

The figurine itself is likely to be highly detailed, with intricate features and design work. It may also include various traditional symbols associated with Scorpio, such as the scorpion or eagle.

Pewter is a durable and malleable alloy composed of tin, copper, and antimony. It has been used in jewelry-making for centuries and is prized for its unique luster and ability to be cast into intricate shapes.

As a decorative item, the Scorpio statuette would be a perfect addition to any collection of zodiac-themed jewelry or home decor. It can be displayed on a shelf or tabletop, or worn as a pendant or charm. Overall, this statuette is a beautiful and meaningful representation of the Scorpio zodiac sign, making it a great gift for someone born under this sign or for anyone who appreciates astrological symbolism.

Size: 70*70*80

Made by Creative Workshop "Success"