How to Make Container Candles

How to Make Container Candles

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Container candles are very popular. Unlike pillar candles, they are made in containers (jars) and used. Their popularity is enhanced by the fact that they are very versatile to work with. You can use any type of wax, hard or soft to make them. They also throw scent effectively. Glass jars or tins are mostly used to make container candles.

Container candles have more advantages than disadvantages. They are much safer to use than pillar candles. They can hardly get knocked down. The jars used also offer some kind of protection for making container candles. They make the candles burn well and reduce the risk of accidentally starting a fire even if there are flammable materials around. Besides, the candles drip into their containers so you get a cleaner surface. Container candles are really okay to use at home and can even be packaged as gifts to friends and families. Making container candles yourself is not a difficult project and it is also pocket-friendly. You do not need to spend too much on supplies. The supplies you would need are listed below.

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What You Nees to Make Container Candles


Most people make use of glass jars for their candles, though tins are also okay. Mason jars are popular for making container candles and can be purchased at local stores or online. If you are working on a really low budget, you can make use of used glass jars or tins at home. Great thing is that candle jars can always be reused. If you want to add colour, choose a glass jar so that the colour can be seen by all. In choosing your glass too, opt for a heat resistant one. Hot wax (especially gel wax) can explode glasses and waste wax. So your glass should be thick enough. Besides this, you can select jars of any shape to your taste. Most jars are round but you can use square or hexagonal jars if you so wish.

Candle Wax

I have mentioned that container candles are very versatile and they work well with all kinds of wax. Even waxes with low melting points can be used to get great scent throw. There is no rule concerning the type of wax to be used. Simply choose one that suits you. Paraffin wax is very popular, though.

Candle Wick

You need to select your wick based on the diameter of your container. The wick should, however, be longer than the container it is going to be used for.

Candle Additives

Colours and fragrance can be used when making container candles. But you need to choose your fragrance loading according to the wax you are using. For extra effect of beauty, different objects such as flower petals can also be positioned in your container. So get these ready too. But note that additives are optional, you do not have to use them.

Other Candle Making Supplies

A double boiler and a stove are needed for melting the wax and a thermometer, for measuring temperature. Wick stickers, wick stabilisers (or an old pen) are needed too. Get a pair of scissors ready for trimming the wick later on and paper towels for cleaning.
Make sure all your materials are ready on your work surface before you begin. This will make it easier for you. When they are ready, then it is time to go over to candle making itself.

How to Make Container Candles

how to make container candles
Step One

After getting all the right supplies in place, you can begin by melting your wax. The amount of wax you need is double the amount that fills the container. Pour your required wax in a double boiler and start the heat. Your wax should completely melt in ten to fifteen minutes. While the melting goes on, you can quickly attach your wick to the bottom of the container. Wick stickers are available for this and glue dots are okay too.

If you have no wick stickers or glue, you can dip the tip your wick into the melting wax and press it down the bottom of the container. Wicks should be adhered to the centre of the container. Off-centre wicks do not burn well. If your container is large, you might need to double wick your candle. That is, to use two wicks for one container. Make sure the wick is straight to the top too with wick stabilisers. Old pens are also okay. Wrap the top end of the wick around the pen and place the pen across the top of the container.

Step Two

While the wax melts is the best time to add fragrance and colours. Your fragrance loading depends on the wax you are using so do well to follow prescribed instructions concerning that. The type of fragrance oil you are using determines the kind of scent your candle would give off. They are available in different flavours. But do not use too much as too much can irritate people’s noses. Colour dyes too can be added to make your candles beautiful. Also, small objects and flower petals can be placed into the container. These are optional but should all be done before the hot pour.

Step Three

When your wax looks totally clear, it is a sign that the wax has melted completely. The temperature should be about 160 to 170°F when you turn off the heat. Let the wax cool for a few minutes before pouring the wax. And ensure the wick sits straight in the centre of the container. Pour the wax gently, but do not pour it all. Save a little you would need for later.

Step Four

After pouring the wax in the container, leave the candle for the next couple of hours (about four hours) to allow the wax time to cool totally. You might notice the candle has an uneven surface as the wax cools due to the appearance of a sinkhole. Do not worry. You remember your leftover wax? Just reheat it and top off the candle.

Step Five

When your wax cools and hardens, it is ready for use. Trim the wick to about a quarter inch using a pair of scissors. The wick should be trimmed before each use before if it is too long the flame would be too high when it burns. Some people use a nail clipper when the candle has burnt low down the container and it becomes impossible to use a scissors. Clean off spilled wax with paper towels and that is all.

I hope you have learned how to make container candles. Easy? Even for beginners, making container candles poses no real problems. The only little problem that can be faced is the appearance of a sinkhole and that has been addressed. Now you can make your own container candles for personal use, packaged as gifts or even for sale!

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