Handmade Case for iPhone 14

  • $99.00

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Introducing our exclusive phone case, a masterpiece that is as stylish as it is practical. Each case is crafted with care, featuring a unique handmade insert made from real wood and epoxy resin that is protected by a durable matte varnish, making it resistant to deep scratches and moisture.

The base of the case is made from dense black silicone, which is raised above the camera and display for added protection. To provide extra cushioning, we've added a luxurious Alcantara lining to the back of the case, which also acts as a scratch-resistant barrier.

Each case is a true original, with its own distinct pattern and texture, making it a truly unique accessory for your phone. And when it comes time to showcase your new purchase, our stylish packaging will make a statement as impressive as the case itself.

With free shipping, our exclusive phone case is the perfect combination of style and functionality. Order now and experience the beauty and durability of our handmade phone case for yourself.