How to Make Wine Bottle Candles

How to Make Wine Bottle Candles

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Candle making has been evolving over the years and it keeps doing so. Innovative methods of making candles keep coming up. One such method is making candles out of wine bottles. The trick is simple: recycling your old wine bottles and converting them into candle containers. You will find this article really about making wine bottle candles really helpful.

Many think once a wine bottle is emptied it is only good for the trash can or the recycle bin. Well, instead of that, you can recycle your old wine bottles yourself. How? Candles. Wine bottle candles are a part of the never-ending innovations that come with candle making. They make very good gifts to friends and family once ready, decorated and packaged neatly.

Candles are wonderful items for decoration and for giving the room a lovely scent. And candle making is all you want from a DIY project. It is much cheaper to make candles yourself than to purchase ready-made candles. Even the tools you would need to make them are common ones found at home, especially kitchen utensils.

Perhaps what makes candle making the perfect DIY project the possibility of having many creative choices and methods. There are several choices to make (weird ones too) when it comes to that. One of the many types of candles is container candles. These container candles are made with glass jars (or tins). Wicks are attached to the bottom of the jars which are then filled with wax and other additives.

how to make wine bottle candles

How to Cut Wine Bottles

The neck of the bottle is usually cut off while the bottom is used as a container to which wick is attached and which holds the wax. Apparently, a wine bottle cutter is needed for that. If you use another means, you may not get a neat result. Besides that, you would need two bowls, one containing very hot water with the water containing very cold water. And then, get a sandpaper too. Sometimes, glass bottle cutters come with a free filing paper. All these are needed to cut the bottle neatly and for smoothening.

Score the bottle by moving the bottle cutter carefully round it. Your aim here is to make a line at which the bottle would be divided. So make the cuts around the bottle at a desired height, measuring from the bottom. Before doing that, heat some water in a kettle and pour it in a bowl. The depth of the water should allow for the bottle to be submerged into it up to the line the cut was made. Prepare some cold water too in another bowl at the same level. Drop some ice cubes inside to make it very cold.

Begin by holding the bottle into the bowl of cold water for ten seconds, making sure the line made gets into the water. Then remove it and hold it in a similar manner in the hot water. Repeat this process a couple of times till you hear a crack and then the bottle breaks. Thrash the top part which is not needed. And use sandpaper to smoothen the rough edge of the bottle where it has been cut.

If you would learn more about cutting wine bottles visit

how to cut wine bottles

Candle Making Supplies You Need to Make Wine Bottle Candles

Having prepared the wine bottle, you have your container ready. Get some wax. Soy wax is popular for making wine bottle candles but any other type of wax would do. A wick string is needed also, whatever type you want. And then, scent oils too for a lovely smell. Wine bottles come in special tinted colour so colouring your wax may not be necessary. However, you can decorate the bottle is you wish after making the candles. The process of making wine bottle candles is very similar to that of traditional container candles. So you would still be needing such tools as a double boiler, stove, thermometer and so on.


How to Make Wine Bottle Candles

The following are the steps to make the candles:

Step One

Heat up your wax in a double boiler over medium heat. Stir gently as the wax melts. Keep stirring the wax gently and monitor regularly with a thermometer. The temperature of the wax should not exceed 185°F.

Step Two

Adhere your wick to the center of the bottle using a glue dot or by sticking an end of the wick into melting candle wax and attaching it quickly to the bottom of the bottle. Whatever method you use, hold the wick in place for lake ten to fifteen seconds so it can stick well. Keep the wick straight and in place wrapping it around a pencil or sandwiching it tightly between two chopsticks. Or you can use a wick centering tools. Going by the general size of wine bottles, there would be no need for double wicking with this.

Step Three

Add fragrance oil to the wax as desired, measuring in volume. Follow specific instructions that come with the oil especially in relation to flashpoint. Add the fragrance oil to the wax only when the wax is at a lower temperature than the flashpoint. Otherwise, and it will evaporate. Stir the oil and wax for about thirty seconds so they can bond well together.

Step Four

Wait for the wax to cool for some time before pouring. Let its temperature when poured in the bottle be between 125 to 135°F. Leave some space (about an inch) empty at the top after pouring. You may warm the bottle in an oven beforehand to the pouring temperature of the wax for better adhesion.

Step Five

You have to leave the candle for several hours so it can harden. Be sure the room is not too cold. Clean up when you are done. When the candle has hardened, trim the wick with a pair of scissors and burn your new candles.

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