How to Make Wax Fire Starters

How to Make Wax Fire Starters

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Making fire starters with wax is just like making normal candles. Apart from the fact that you need some kindling to keep fire burning when you light it, the other materials are general ones needed for candle making. Learn to make wax fire starters in short, simple steps.

Wax can be used to make a lot of things, including fire starters. Fire starters are simply what they are called: fire starters. They can be used to light up the fireplace at home and keep warm in times of cold. They can also be used to start a bonfire when one goes camping. Fire starters have a wide variety of uses and making them with wax offers more advantages such as adding of fragrances and so on.

What You Need to Make Wax Fire Starters

For your beautiful wax fire starters, you would need wax, obviously. Soy wax is a great choice. You also need kindling to keep the fire burning. Materials like sawdust, dryer lint, died leaves and so on all make good kindling. Local sawmills usually give out sawdust free. And then, you would need something to hold it all. Muffin pans work well for this especially if it is one with 12 cups. You can use a paper egg carton too. But cut it in half if it is the 2 1/2 dozen type. A pan and a stove are also needed for melting the wax. It is better if you use an old pan you have no need of again. Other materials you would need are wick strings (preferably cotton wicks) for each hole, wax paper, paper liners and a pair of scissors. Then go through the following steps to make your fire starters.

How to Make Wax Fire Starters

For scenting the fire starters, you can use kindling of some dried leaves with scent such as cinnamon and so on. Or you can use fragrance oil.
Step One

Place your egg carton or muffin pan on a flat surface. Line the muffin pan with paper liners. If using an egg carton, place a sheet of wax paper under it. Then add the kindling to each hole, packing it almost or fully tight. Set the wick strings too in each hole at this point. But this is not compulsory.

Step Two

Now, begin melting the wax. Pour some wax in the pan and heat it up on medium heat for some time. You can also fill the holes with kindling while melting the wax. But you need longer time for this so lower the heat of the wax to do this.
Step Three

When the wax is completely melted, begin pouring it into the holes. Do this gently. If you are using an egg carton and the wax leaks, do not worry since there is wax paper underneath. If you used no wicks, put some lint on top each hole filled with wax to serve as a wick. But make sure you do this while the wax is still hot and that it sticks to the wax.

Step Four

Allow the newly made fire starters some time to cool completely and harden. Then remove each one from the hole. Store them in a sealed container.

Your new fire starters are then ready for use. You can light them in the fireplace at home. Or take them with you on trips to make campfires. Use them however you please but be careful.


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