How to Make Tiki Torch Wicks

How to Make Tiki Torch Wicks

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Tiki torches are used for outdoor decoration and making them is a great DIY project. You do not have to purchase anything to make a tiki torch. You can even make the wick yourself. Tiki torch wicks can be made from various materials and you would learn that from this article. You would also learn how to actually make your own tiki torch using the wick you have made.

A tiki torch is a popular form of decoration, especially at small outdoor parties, like a birthday. As you probably already know, it is made from a used wine bottle. Though they can be purchased, you can also make some on your own. Anyone with old wine bottles can make tiki torch by themselves. But that is not just all that is needed. The wick is also very important in making a tiki torch.

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How to Make Tiki Torch Wicks

Usually, cotton wicks are used to make tiki torches. But you do not have to go all out to buy cotton candle wicks. There are simple hacks by which you can make custom wicks for your tiki torches and they would burn well. You may buy cotton gauze or string and cut it to size (a bit longer) to make your tiki torch wicks. Pour some water, salt, and boric acid in a bowl and soak the string in the solution for twelve hours. Then hang the strings to dry for some 4 to 5 days.

You may also use a strand from a mop head (mop head strands are cotton) you no longer use. You could get several cotton strings to make your tiki torch wicks from old mop heads. Just soak the wick in water before you use it. Another method is to cut strips from an old cotton shirt and braid them together to make a wick. Tiki torch wicks are better thicker. So if you notice your cotton strings are thin, take three strings and braid them together.

How to Make a Tiki Torch

Once the wicks are ready, you can now go into the process of making the tiki torch itself. The whole process should not take more than 20 to 30 minutes. As mentioned above, use an old wine bottle, one with a screw on cap. Then also you need a knife (or screwdriver) and used cooking oil or citronella oil (to fuel the flame. Those are all you need to make your tiki torch. Then follow the steps below.

Step One

Remove the bottle cap and very carefully, make a small hole through it with the knife. That is the hole through which the wick is passed. Or you can also make a small ‘X’ mark whose ends would be pushed out to let the wick pass through and pushed in to secure the wick.

Step Two

Then fill the bottle with some oil, not to the brim though. To save on oil, you can add some water too. Do not worry, the oil would float to the top and your wick would still burn fine for a long time. The only hazard with this is not knocking over the bottle; that would kill the fire.

Step Three

Place your wick (with the bottle cap) into the oil and screw the cap back on the bottle. Then light up your tiki torch and enjoy the party!

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