6″ Cotton Wicks

  • SIZE: 6 inches long (152,4 mm); Base (Tab) Dia:0.51" (12,5mm); 

  • QUANTITY: 100 Pcs


  • NATURAL: Made of 100 % cotton. 

  • Little to no soot, non-toxic and biodegradable. PARAFFIN-FREE, CONTAINS NO LEAD, ZINC OR OTHER METALLS; 

  • Clean burn and no black smoke;

  • Burn very slow and nicely so your delicious candle will last longer;

  • You can easily make 100-300 your own  candles - Are easy to cut down to the size you want. 

  • CozYours wicks  are  suitable  for candles of any sorts. If  the diameter  is  wide, you can just use more than one wick;

This is 27 ply flat braid cotton wick.
Flat braided wicks are very consistent in their burning and curl in the flame for a self-trimming effect. They are the most commonly used wicks, and are often found in taper and pillar candles.

According to our burn tests, the wick works well in soy wax, paraffin wax and gel wax. It didn't work in our beeswax. But maybe it will work in YOUR beeswax.  Most of our customers say that these wicks are good for beeswax. ALWAYS test new wicks with your wax, fragrance oil, dye or additives.

After one hour burning the melt pool was 1,5" in paraffin wax, soy wax and gel wax.

The wick length - 6" (203mm)

The diameter of the wick - 0.08" (2 mm)

The wicks are perfect for containers with diameter 2-2,5 inches and height less than 6 inches.

The wicks are coated with soy wax.

These wicks are good for votives, tealights, and other small candles.

Yes, this wick is thin. Use two or more wicks for your candle.

These are 100% cotton wicks and they will not stand up straight. You need to use a wick holder and hot glue to stick them to the bottom of your container. It always works and the wicks stay in place even after adding the hot wax.

Any wick will become detached from the base if you pour very hot wax. It is important to pour your wax at the right temperature.

This is a flat braided wick. It curls into the hottest part of the flame. This causes the wick to be self-trimming and to burn cleaner when the proper size is used.

Small amounts of smoke and soot are natural parts of the burning process. Excess smoke and soot are evidence of an incomplete chemical reaction that could be caused by a variety of factors.

  • The primary cause of black smoke is an overly long wick.  Trimming wicks to between 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch before you light the candle is the easiest way to prevent black smoke.
  • Another common cause of black smoke is a drafty environment. Keeping your candle flames away from too much moving air will help them burn more cleanly.
  • Since a candle is a chemical reaction, everything that goes into it can have an impact on how it burns. Check your scents, colors, and other additives.

The wick is too small for your candle. It will not burn out to the edge of your container but will instead burn down the middle, or 'tunnel'.  Use two or more wicks in your candle.

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