How to Make Scented Candles

How to Make Scented Candles

Scenting candles can be a huge challenge, especially if one is new to candle making. The purpose of this article is to explain how to scent beeswax and soy candles and also get a really strong scent. It also contains information on how to make coffee-scented candles. Or you don’t like such? I bet you do. You would find this article very helpful and if you have had challenges in this area before, prepare to get them solved.

How to Make Strong Scented Soy Candles

how to make scented candles

Let me first discuss one major problem with scenting soy candles. When working with scents for candles, most scents are made for specific types of candle waxes. So, once you do not use the right type of scent meant for a particular wax, you would get less scent quality. One of the main problems concerning soy wax in this regard is finding the right scent. This is a problem because soy wax is a relatively new kind of wax. Before soy wax, paraffin wax has effectively dominated the market and it still dominates till now. A significant amount of candles today is still made using paraffin wax. The implication of this is that most scents are made for paraffin wax and it would be a little difficult to get scents for soy wax. There are scents for soy wax, but not as common. You would get better scent throw if you use scent meant for soy wax.

Note the following if you want to make strong scented candles.

• Every type of scent oil has a flashpoint, which is the standard temperature at which the wax must be before fragrance is added. If you add the fragrance at a level higher than its flashpoint (too hot), it will evaporate and you would get far little scent throw. And if add at a level lower than the flashpoint, it will not bond well with the wax. That also gives little scent throw. Usually, candle guides recommend that fragrance be added when the wax is at 185°F. But do well to know each scent’s flashpoint.

• Also, you need to measure the right percentage of fragrance oil you need. For this, you would need to measure in volume instead of weight to get more accurate measurement.

How to Make Scented Beeswax Candles

beeswax scented candles
Beeswax has a slight natural scent just like honey. But for even better and stronger scent, you can use scent oil.

Get the following materials ready before you begin: beeswax, obviously (white or yellow), wicks and wick stickersglass jars, scent oil (fragrance or essential oil). Mostly, in making scented beeswax candles, essential oils are used. The use of essential oils complements the naturalness of the beeswax along with the health benefits they provide. You would also need a double boiler, a stove and a pair of scissors.

Step One

Pour some wax (as desired) into the double boiler and heat it to melt. As this goes on, prepare your wick and container. Place the wick at the centre of the container by adhering it to the bottom of the container with a wick sticker, glue gun or even the melting wax. Secure the wick by sandwiching it between a pair of chopsticks or wrapping it around a pencil. This helps keep the wick in place during the hot-pour.

Step Two

Continue to stir the beeswax as it melts. Turn off the stove when it completely melts and add your desired essential oil.

Step Three

Pour the wax into the container carefully, to avoid spills.

Step Four

Let the wax harden. This should be done in a room a little warmer than normal room temperature so that the wax would not crack. Just leave it for as long as it hardens and this can take several hours. It is best if you just leave it overnight.

Step Five

If you notice a crack, melt some excess wax and pour over the top of the candle. Allow the candle enough time to cool, dry and harden.

Step Six

Trim your candle wick and the candle is then ready for use.

How to Make Coffee Scented Candles

coffee scented candles

Coffee-scented candles are made using real coffee or a coffee-scented fragrance oil to give the candle that scent. For using real coffee, ones that have just been freshly ground are best and give better scent. A tablespoon or two of that should be enough for about 12 oz of wax. If not, you can buy candle-making fragrance oil with the coffee scent. For the fragrance oil option, you would have to measure by volume to know the right percentage needed. Remember too that fragrance oils have a flashpoint whenever you want to add any to the wax. Apart from the ground coffee or coffee-scented fragrance, you can also use a little of another fragrance oil if you like (such as vanilla, cinnamon, peppermint) so that your candle would scent like a flavoured coffee.

You can also use a brown candle making dye if you wish to colour your candle. This will ensure that the dye matches the scent of coffee that the candle would throw off. Imagine having a yellow candle smelling like coffee. Also, though you can add more or less dye depending on the shade of colour you want, note that you only need a little. A little amount of candle dye goes a really long way.

For a container, you can use a coffee mug for effect or any glass jar you find. But do wash it thoroughly before use. Get other typical candle making tools and begin.


Step One

Melt the wax in a double boiler over medium heat (You can learn about different ways to melt your candle wax here). This usually takes ten to fifteen minutes. During this time, you can set up your wick in the container. Attach the wick to the bottom using a wick sticker, glue or melting wax. Using pretabbed wicks is easier for this. Secure it at the top by wrapping it around a pencil. And make sure it is straight.
Step Two

Add your ground coffee (better) or coffee-scented fragrance oil as prescribed above. Stir it with the wax so that they can bond well and leave it melting for two more minutes. Add any additional scent if you want and colour as desired.
Step Three

When the wax has melted, leave it to cool to about 100°F before you pour. Pour it into the container carefully. If you used coffee grounds, you may want to pour through a strainer to reduce the number of coffee granules in the candle.
Step Four

Give the wax time to cool completely and this at room temperature. Fix any sinkhole by reheating excess wax and filling it up.
Step Five

Trim the wick to a quarter of an inch once the candle cools completely. Burn your scented candles to enjoy the beautiful scent.

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