How to Make Rolled Beeswax Candles

How to Make Rolled Beeswax Candles

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Rolled beeswax candles are the easiest to make of all candle types. Even children can make rolled candles without difficulty. They are made by literally rolling the wax sheet around the wick. Rolling candles are a method of making taper candles which are similar to pillar candles but are placed in special holders to burn.

Apart from the fact that making them comes without stress, they are also the quickest to make. There is no need for melting wax, waiting for it to cool and all such processes associated with other candle making methods. You would find it very interesting to make your own DIY rolled beeswax candles especially with friends or family.

Because they are quick and easy to make, several rolled beeswax candles can be made at once and kept for future use or even packaged as gifts. The major shapes they can be easily made are round and square. Round dipped candles are more common.

Rolled beeswax candles are however limited in some way. Not all kind of waxes can be used to make rolled candles. Beeswax sheets are the best for making rolled candles and as you probably already know, beeswax is very expensive. It is the most expensive kind of wax. This alone is a turn off for many.

But apart from beeswax, other materials needed are not expensive. And you do not need as much materials as you would if making other types of candles. For example, since you would not be melting any wax, you have no need of a double boiler, a stove or even a thermometer. Even other materials as a rubber spatula and the likes are not needed. You probably do not need such cleaning materials as paper towels, old rags or even old newspapers. Information on the materials needed is given below.

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What You Need to Make Rolled Beeswax Candles

Candle Wax

Beeswax sheets are the best bet for making rolled candles. They come either in solid shape or honeycomb design. The ones with honeycomb design are better and more beautiful. Beeswax is a good kind of natural wax and one of the best kind of wax you would find. However this comes at a price, an expensive one. Beeswax may not be for you if you have only a small budget. You would need beeswax sheets of 8×16 inches dimensio. Luckily for those who want a more affordable option, paraffin wax sheets are available. However, paraffin wax sheets are less popular. And if you are not concerned about using a non-natural wax, you can go for paraffin.

Candle Wicks

Any type of wick will do. Just do well to choose a type that suits you and that burns well. There is no much concern about this. However, the wick need to be about an inch longer than the length of the wax sheet.

Candle Additives

The method of rolling candles does not allow for colours and/or fragrance to be added. But there is no big deal concerning this. If you are using beeswax sheets, beeswax has a natural golden colour and honey-like fragrance. With this, adding extra fragrance would even be counter productive. If you want a different colour, there are beeswax sheets that have been dyed various colours beforehand. So you can go for those. Never add fragrance directly on the wick unless you want your candle to smoke.

Other Candle Making Supplies

Other materials you would need are a hair dryer and a knife and also a taper candle holder for setting up your candle. A pair of scissors is also needed for trimming the wick. As you can see, these are materials found in many homes. That is part of what makes candle rolling easy and quick. Once your materials are ready, it is then time to get down to business. You can (and it is more advisable) to make several rolled candles in a single project, taking advantage of its ease.

How to Make Rolled Beeswax Candles

Step One

Cut the beeswax sheets into two equal halves. This can be done with your knife. You can gently heat your wax a little bit with your hair dryer. But do not heat it so much that it begins to melt. The goal of this is to just make the wax a little soft.

Step Two

After this, spread the sheet and lay it on the work surface. Take the wick and place it on the edge of the wax closest to you. Press the wick down the wax firmly but gently.

Step Three

Once the wick is pressed down, begin rolling the wax slowly and tightly around the wick away from you. That is for a round candle. For making a square one, press the wax down gently as you roll it until it has four sides. And do not forget to make it tight around the wick. The first rolling may seem tricky as first but you just have to be careful. Once you get that, the rest of the work gets easier.

Step Four

Keep rolling until you reach the end of the sheet. If you need to add another sheet for extra thickness, begin rolling the second sheet from the edge of the first. Once you are done rolling press the last edge down the candle to make it smooth.

Step Five

You need to trim the wick down to a quarter of an inch before you burn your candle. Once done, you do not need to wait any longer before your candle is ready for use. Just place the candle in a candle holder and light it. Though I have mentioned that adding fragrance is not neccessary and can even be counterproductive, if you insist on adding fragrance, you can add a little to the melt pool of your candles. But still, it is best to leave your candle with its natural scent, especially if you used beeswax.

As you must have learnt, if you want to make candles but do not have much time in your hands, making rolled beeswax candles is the best method. And do not worry about the quality of your rolled candles compared to other types. Rolled beeswax candles burn just as well.

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