Color: Green 10PCS - Disposable Hand Soap Paper

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small size easy to carry, 1 small pics could be used for washing hands.

Soap paper volume is easy to carry, a small piece of soap paper can wash your hands, that is dissolved in the water. 

The size is small, it is convenient to carry, could be put in the bags and pockets.



Each color only 1 box with 20pcs


Single size: 3.6*5.6cm  

Weight: about 14g

Commodity material: edible corn starch, alkenyl sulfonate, polyvinyl alcohol, food coloring, cocamidopropyl betaine, methylparaben, propylparaben, glycerin, flavor, water soluble lanolin, poly season Ammonium salt, guar gum, cocoyl diethanolamine, water

Color: multiple colors 

Package Content:

1x box (20 pcs)