Cozyours Fruit Fly & Fungus Gnat Trap: 12 Yellow Sticky Traps and 1 Jar Trap

  • $15.99

DUAL ACTION TRAP: The bright color of stickers and attractant's smell inside the jar trap attract 3x more flying insects.
NON-TOXIC AND CHEMICAL-FREE. Our sticky traps are odorless and safe for people and pets. You can use any Natural attractant with our jar trap!
WORKS INDOORS AND OUT: Our trap is UV-resistant & waterproof and great for capturing fruit flies, aphids, leaf miners, fungus gnats, thrips, whiteflies, black flies, mosquitoes, etc.
REUSABLE AND LONG-LASTING: You can use our jar trap a lot of times. It's easy to clean and wash! No need to replace the double-sided sticky traps until they're fully covered with bugs.
PLACE, STICK OR HANG ANYWHERE: You can use the yellow stickers separately, e.g. stick inside a potted plant, make use of the pre-punched hole and hang. Just put them where the fruit flies are present and enjoy life without them!