Candle Wick Sustainer Tabs & Stickers - 50/50 Pcs

  • $6.99

  • sustainer (Tab) Dia:0.51" (12,5mm)/Central hole Dia: 0,1" (2.5 mm); Sticker Dia: 0,71" (18mm);
  • 50 SUSTAINER TABS constructed in Metal. 50 WICK STICKERS MADE BY 3M: Round, two-sided sticky tabs will hold the candle wick tab to the bottom of your candle so you can stop using a glue from your hot glue gun); ALL STICKERS CAN BE EASILY REMOVED FROM THE PAPER & PEELED OFF (TEARED OFF) ON BOTH SIDES. THEY STICK FINE EVEN AFTER YOU POUR WAX ONTO THEM AND WON'T FLOAT.
  • Works with any kind of wicks and candle systems; Pre-measure & cut your wick, put and thread it through. Pinch the center with a pair of plyers. Then remove a sticker from the paper & stick the wick to the bottom of the jar and you're good to go! (Candle Wicks Not Included!!!);
  • The sticker is just slightly bigger than the metal base of the wick, and once you pull off both pieces from the double sided tape, you are good to go to place it!
  • It really is a safety and time saver! 50 Tabs and 50 Stickers in 1 pack - Must have for Homemade Candles!!!