How to Make Wax Dipped Bears

How to Make Wax Dipped Bears

You are probably wondering, ‘what is this again?’ Wax can be used for many things and wax dipped bears are simply that. But unlike candles, stuffed animals dipped into melted wax are meant to serve as air fresheners. Dipping small teddy bears in wax and placing them in strategic locations in the room is a nice way to beautify the room and at the same time making it smell nice. And this is not something that would take a huge chunk off your budget.

Now, it is not just teddy bears that can be dipped. You can dip almost any kind of stuffed toy. To do so, you just follow the same principles here too. Just make sure that the toy is not too big.
First, you need some wax flakes. The amount needed is based on how many bears you want to dip. A pound of wax can be used for two small bears or a big one (not too big, though). Then you need fragrance oil too since the purpose of this is to get scented bears. And then you need a pair of tongs too, with a double boiler, a stove, wax paper, wire-bristle comb (or fork) a thermometer and candle dye (probably). And you should also get rubber gloves too, to protect your hands. Get paper towels too, to clean up when you are done.

wax dipped bears

How to Make Wax Dipped Bears

Step One

Pour wax into the double boiler and heat it up to melt. Let this go on until the wax temperature is between 180 to 185°F. Always keep your eyes on the melting wax.

Step Two

Add your desired fragrance oil when the wax melts completely and stir well with the thermometer. Add more or less depending on how much scent you want it to give off. Even still, you would not need more than 10%.

Step Three

When that is ready, hold the bear with the tongs and dip it into the wax. Turn it around a few times to make sure that every side gets in the wax. Then slowly remove it using tongs too.

Step Four

Carefully place the bear on the wax paper. Then put on your rubber gloves to squeeze the bear. Let the bear cool a little as the very hot wax on it can still burn your hands through the gloves. Hold the bear over the double boiler and squeeze excess wax off.

Step Five

By now the bear fur would be looking odd. Use the wire comb or a fork to fluff the fur outward. Do this quickly, before the wax cools. Then leave the bear to cool completely.

When the bear cools completely, preserve the scent by wrapping it in a cellophane bag. Wrap each bear in a different bag. If you would be giving them as gifts, then you can tie the bag with a decorative ribbon. If the scent begins to diminish, reheating the bear with a hairdryer would restore it. Enjoy!

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