How to Make Layered Candles

How to Make Layered Candles

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It is not common to hear the term layered candles in candle making but there are. If you have seen a candle with horizontal stripes of various colours, then you have seen a layered candle. They are very easy to make and a great method to beautify the environment using candles.

What are Layered Candles?


layered candles


Layered candles are a way to add fun to candles. They usually have two or more different colours and/or scents. And they are poured in layers, which is why they are known as layered candles. With layered candles, you can choose to use two colours in your candles: one on top and the other below, or even more, as you wish. For a cooler outlook, you can make different layers with different shades of the same colour. Also, layered candles are the best to get candles scented with two or more different fragrances in a single candle. Yes, they are fun to have around, and fun to make too.

Though other types of candles can be made by layering, container candles are most common for making layered candles. The usual containers are glass jars. They, unlike tins, are transparent and would reveal the multicolour of the candle. So this article is about making layered candles using glass jars. You probably know how to make container candles already so let us go over the materials needed first.

What You Need to Make Layered Candles

I have talked on the container in the previous article. If you want to make candle layers of multiple colours, a glass jar is obviously the best. If it is just the benefit of having different scents in a candle that you want, then you can go ahead to use a tin. Container candles work with almost any type of wax so choose one that suits you. In choosing wicks, you should be mainly guided by the size of your container. And double-wicking might be needed too if the container is large. Also, pre-tabbed wicks give your work a little ease.

Typical candle making tools are necessary too: double boiler, stove, scissors, thermometer, wick stabilisers and stickers, cleaning materials and so on.

Making Layered Candles

how to make layered candles

Step One: Spread pieces of old newspaper on the table to protect the surface from spilled wax. For three layers, measure one-third of the total wax you would use (for two layers, ½ and so on). Melt the measured wax to about 185°F. When it’s melted, add your colour or colour shade and/or scent as you please and stir. You can preheat your glass jar to just to make it warm.

Step Two: Attach the wick to a wick sticker or tab and press to the bottom of the container at the centre. Pre-tabbed wicks only have to be stuck to it. This can be done before melting the first batch of wax or during melting.

Step Three: Pour this first batch of wax into the container. The wax should be allowed to cool to between 130 to 140°F. After pouring the wax, leave it to cool for about an hour.

Step Four: Repeat the steps above for as many layers as you desire. Each layer of wax should be left to cool to about 10-15 degrees more than the previous. And set excess wax aside from the last batch to fill a sinkhole if it appears.

Step Five: When your candle is ready to leave it to cool for several hours. If you notice a sinkhole reheat the leftover wax from the last batch and fill it up. When the candles are ready to use make sure you trim the wick before burning
Layered candles are beautiful as gifts. Set them around your house and light up colourfully.

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