How to Make Homemade Candle Wicks

How to Make Homemade Candle Wicks

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Do you know you can make your own candle wicks? Yes, you can. Homemade candle wicks are becoming increasingly popular. DIY candle wick is a good alternative to store-bought wicks and produces almost the same results. In this guide, I’m going to be showing you how you can make candle wicks yourself in two different ways. One is through using cotton strings while the other is for making wooden wicks.

Homemade Cotton String Wicks

The materials you will need are:

  • a cotton string (e.g. Butcher’s Twine)
  • 2-4 tablespoonful of Borax (or Boric Acid),
  • 1-2 tablespoonful of Salt,
  • wax (paraffin wax, soy wax etc.),
  • double Boiler,
  • heat Source (a stove),
  • a pair of scissors
  • tongs or tweezers

diy candle wick
The process is not difficult at all, though it might take a while to complete it. Follow closely.

  • Cut your cotton string to size. It should be a couple of inches longer than the container. You may still have to trim it when you are done.
  • Boil some water (one to one and a half cup) till it is a little warm. It should not get too hot.
  • Add your Borax and salt to the warm water.
  • Place your string in the solution and leave it for many hours. To reduce your waiting time, you may have to start the process in the night so that your string can be soaked overnight.
  • Take it out and hang it to dry completely. This may take up to two days so you have to be really patient.
  • When it dries, heat some wax in your double boiler. It should not be too much; you are not making your candle yet.
  • Soak the string in the wax for about thirty seconds to a minute.
  • Using tongs, tweezers or even pliers, remove the string from the wax and let it dry. As this happens, it will drip excess wax too.
  • Repeat the process (soak, and leave to dry) one or two more times to make it strong.
  • Allow the wax to harden and then it is ready for use.

How to Make a Wooden Wick

Making a wooden wick is easier and needs less materials. The items you will need to get are:

  • balsa wood sticks
  • a jar of olive oil,
  • a small bowl,
  • wick tabs (or base clips)
  • paper towels or rag for cleaning

The directions:

  • Measure the stick you want to use. It should be at least an inch longer than the container and about 1/2 inch wide.
  • Pour some olive oil into a bowl and make sure the wood strip is completely soaked in it. This should take about 20 to 30 minutes
  • Remove the stick from the oil and clean off the excess oil. Then leave it to get cool for some time.
  • Attach the wick to the base of your jar using a wick tab or base clip. Make sure it stands in the center. Then your wick is ready for use

If you follow the guide carefully, then you should find it easy to make your own candle wicks. Homemade candle wicks are especially good. You would need to try them out and see for yourselves. Though they may not be as good as other wick types, they are not bad. After making your own candle wicks, then you can go ahead and use them to make candles.

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