How to Decorate Your Candles

How to Decorate Your Candles

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The major purpose candles serve today is for decoration. As such, in DIY candle making, it is important to know how to decorate your candles for a lovely look. I have shared in this article simple ideas for making decorative candles that you can easily apply. As time goes, you would find out that there is no limit to creativity in candle making.

While candles are used for several functions (religious functions inclusive), the biggest use of candles today is for decoration. Candles are generally one of the cheapest materials to decorate the house with. And for that, they must be beautiful. They could also be packaged as gifts and presented to loved ones. With candle making, there are endless candle decoration ideas and we sure cannot exhaust them in this article. DIY candles cost next to nothing to be decorated and the wide options mean you would get more beautiful homemade candles (depending on how you decorate) than spending your money on higher priced candles.

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Add colour

The most popular way to decorate candles is by adding colour. Most types of wax are normally somewhat white. But what fun is it to just have simple white candles lying around? So there are candle dyes to the rescue. With the wide array of colours available, you can alter the natural colour of your candles as you want. You can do this by adding just a little (depending on the shade you want) to melted wax. There is another article entirely devoted to candle dyes and colouring. So do well to check it out. But staying at this level would not do this for some and that is totally understandable. To give your candles more ‘life’, check out other decoration ideas below. And you can even generate cool ideas on your own. They may not come out as well as you want, but with a bit of practice, they would surely come out very beautiful.

How to Make Decorative Candles with Glitter

Combination of gel wax, candle dye and glitter is super! While you can add glitter to almost any type of wax, its effect on gel wax seems to be more pronounced. This is related to the transparent nature of gel wax. You can add glitter to melted wax after adding colour. And there are also glitter pens that used on the finished candle when it has hardened. Obviously, the latter would not work with container candles (gel candles are mostly container candles) so you may have to add the glitter once the wax has melted for that method.

How to Make Decorative Candles with Paint

One of the advantages of pillar and taper candles is that designs can be made directly on the surface of the candles. Simple paint markers can be used to draw different patterns on the candle. You can use them alongside glitter pens for even better designs. Freely experiment with various shapes, designs, patterns and so on as you wish. You can even make themed designs for festive periods such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and even Halloween!

How to Make Decorative Candles with Wax Sheet Cut-Outs

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Get some very thin wax sheets. Cut them out to desired shapes with a knife. The shapes would be attached to the surface of the container. To do so, heat up each wax cut-out with a heat gun or blow dryer to make it soft. Do the same to the part of the candle you want to stick it to. Press the cut-out gently against the surface of the candle and hold it in place for a minute or so.

How to Make Decorative Candles with Different Objects

This especially works for gel wax too. As I have mentioned, gel wax is transparent and putting small non-flammable object can give your candle a themed look. Apparently, the container should be a glass jar so that you would be able to see the objects through it. Objects like stones, marble, pearls and so on can be embedded in the candle.

How to Make Decorative Candles with Leaves and Flowers

Small leaves and flowers can be embedded in a container candle for a cool look. You can make this even better by using a scent oil of the same flavour of the leaves or flower you are using. To do this, use some glue to adhere the leaves and/or flowers to the inside surface of the glass jar, arranging them as you please. Then attach your wick and pour the wax into the container.

How to Put a Picture on a Candle

This method is literally transferring an image or a design on a piece of tissue paper unto the surface of the candle. Seems impossible? It is not. For this, pick your image first. Then secure a piece of tissue paper to a sheet of normal printing paper, (probably of ‘A4’ or ‘Letter’ size) and print the image on it. Position it in a way that the image appears on the tissue paper. After this, separate both, wrap the tissue paper around the candle (secure it with glue) and cut off excess. Wrap a wax paper around the candle also, over the tissue paper and heat up the candle using a blow dryer or heat gun. Once done, remove the wax paper. You would find that the wax has absorbed the tissue paper and only the design is now visible. You would not be able to do this with a container candle. But you can still design patterns on the surface of the candle with a brush.

 How to Make Decorative Candles with Ribbons

Ribbons can be tied around the candle in various methods. Or you can use a piece of ribbon to make a design and stick it to the candle with a push pin. For container candles, you have to tie the ribbon around the container. But remove the ribbon before the candle is burned else it will get burnt. This method is very effective for packaging your candles if you would present them as gifts.

Decorating your candles make them lovely. Once you have decorated them, you can package them in small boxes and gift them to loved ones.

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