Custom Doll Premium - 24 inches (60 cm) L

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WISHES & OTHER INSCRIPTIONS are possible on the doll's stand. Choose any text (up to 50 characters) and our master will manually put it on the stand!

IMPORTANT: Before shipment, we'll send you photos of the doll for final approval.

Size: approximately 24" (60 cm) L.
Face likeness: 60%
Maximum detailed clothes, hair, and decorations. Jewelry, interior items at the request of the customer.
We can discuss in depth all the key details that will make your doll special! If you want to add a celebrity to your collection we can make it too.

Portrait dolls are sculpted from your 1-2 photographs. The more photographs you can provide, the more accurately a likeness can be achieved. Videos are also accepted.

About portrait dolls:

✅ Authentic Handmade.
✅ Face, wrists, feet made with durable polymer clay, hand-painted with acrylic paints and acrylic lacquer covered with epoxy resin.
✅ Unique movable-fixed frame with the exclusive technology of joints is easy to bend, strong and very durable. The frame is identical to the human structure which makes it possible to change the position easily. The body is made of synthetic fluff with elastic materials. Embroidered and sewn by hand. You can turn the arms and legs freely without worry of tearing the fabric, however, the dress can't be removed.
✅ All the details are made from high-quality materials and will last for years. Eco-friendly. Water-resistant. Gentle cleaning. A unique decoration for any interior or the perfect gift, a toy, and a fine collectible to be enjoyed by adult collectors.
✅ Includes a unique doll stand made in the author's style. The doll is removed from the stand.


1) Upload your photos or video. If you have multiple files, zip them, please.

2) Purchase the doll from this listing. 

3) Once we have received all the information required, we will provide an exact date for when custom made art doll will be ready, and photos will be sent to you for your final approval.

4) Dolls are usually made within 2 weeks from the cleared payment and received pictures. 

Courier express delivery shipping.