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The Master and Margarita is a novel by Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov, written in the Soviet Union between 1928 and 1940 during Stalin's regime. The story concerns a visit by the devil to the officially atheistic Soviet Union. Many critics consider it to be one of the best novels of the 20th century, as well as the foremost of Soviet satires. Margarita - The Master's lover. Trapped in a passionless marriage, she devoted herself to the Master, whom she believes to be dead. She appears briefly in the first half of the novel, but is not referred to by name until the second half, when she serves as the hostess of Satan's Grand Ball on Walpurgis Night. Her character is believed to have been inspired by Bulgakov's last wife, whom he called "my Margarita". He may also have been influenced by Faust's Gretchen, whose real name is Margarita, as well as by Queen Marguerite de Valois. The latter is featured as the main character of the opera Les Huguenots by Giacomo Meyerbeer, which Bulgakov particularly enjoyed, and Alexandre Dumas' novel, La Reine Margot. In these accounts, the queen is portrayed as daring and passionate.

Measures approximately 20" (50 cm) L
Authentic Handmade.
Face, wrists, feet made with durable polymer clay, hand-painted with acrylic paints and acrylic lacquer covered with epoxy resin.
Unique movable-fixed frame with the exclusive technology of joints is easy to bend, strong and very durable. 
The frame is identical to the human structure which makes it possible to change the position easily. The body is made of synthetic fluff with elastic materials. Embroidered and sewn by hand. You can turn the arms and legs freely without worry of tearing the fabric, however, the dress can't be removed.
All the details are made from high-quality materials and will last for years. Eco-friendly. Water-resistant. Gentle cleaning. A unique decoration for any interior or the perfect gift, a toy, and a fine collectible to be enjoyed by adult collectors.
Includes a unique doll stand made in the author's style.
The doll is removed from the stand.

Please note that this listing is made to order and will be similar to the doll in the picture, but not exact.
Before shipment, we'll send you photos of the doll for final approval.
Please allow 5-7 days to create the doll.
If you order 2 or more dolls from our shop, it can take 7-10 business days to ship the items.

Courier express delivery shipping.
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