100 FT Braided Cotton Wick Spool with 100 Sustainer Tabs

  • $6.99


  • 1 Braided Candle Wick Spool 100ft (30,48 m) Long and Metal Sustainer Tabs (Dia:0.51" (12,5mm) 100 pcs in 1 pack!; Wicks are easy to cut down to the size you want (Pre-measure & cut your wick, put and thread it through. Pinch the center with a pair of plyers asn enjoy;
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & NATURAL WICKS, NO SMOKE & NO BAD SMELL: Made of 100 % cotton. Little to no soot, non-toxic and biodegradable. PARAFFIN-FREE, CONTAINS NO LEAD, ZINC OR OTHER METALS; Wicks NOT pre-waxed; 25 cotton threads, Burns longer, well & safe, the flame is LARGE & STABLE. Candle flame length is about 0,8" (2,7cm); Wicks NOT pre-waxed;
  • WIDELY USED: Works with any kind of wax (paraffin, soy, palm wax, beewax etc). Have a good burn stability that works well in votives, containers and pillars. Works best in soy blend wax. Can be used in all types of candle systems;
  • 100 SUSTAINER TABS constructed in Metal. Central hole Dia: 0,09" (2.5 mm)
  • High-Quality Braided Candle Wick Spool 100ft & Metal Tabs 100 pcs IN 1 PACK - Must Have For Homemade Candles!!