Boudoir Doll Sophie

  • $219.00


✦Please note that this doll is made to order and will be similar to the doll in the picture, but not exact.

✦Measures approximately 15" (37 cm).
✦Authentic Handmade. Embroidered and sewn by hand.
✦The doll is made from polymer clay. The hair is from goat hair. The body is filled with sawdust and mineral granules. The arms, legs and head are movable. You can change the position of the doll easily. The articulated doll joints are glued with suede leather. The face and hands are handpainted.
✦The doll loves to sit on sofas, chairs, tables and shelves. But if you'd like her to stand, tell us, and we'll prepare a special stand for your doll. The doll loves a careful attitude. Don't throw it and keep from sharp objects and direct sunlight.

✦Please allow 3-7 days to create the doll.
✦Before shipment, we'll send you photos of the doll for final approval.

✦Courier express delivery shipping. The shipment usually takes 15-20 days.

★The master is Alisa Kovalchuk.