Types of Candle Molds

Types of Candle Molds

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Candle molds are used in making pillar candles. Unlike in making container candles, candle molds are filled with wax which is left to cool and afterwards the finished candles are removed and made to stand alone. As you probably already know, there are many types of mold most especially based on the materials used to make them. These various types of candle molds also come in different shapes and sizes. They also come in various prices. So you would want to get one for which you would get the best value for your money. Below are the various types of molds we have with advantages and disadvantages for each so as to make the best decision. But still, feel free to experiment with various molds to be more precise about the one you prefer.

Aluminium Candle Molds

Aluminium candle MoldsThis is the most common type of mold you would find especially because they are very affordable and have great qualities. Candles made with aluminium candles are of high quality with very smooth surface. They do not leave seams on candles made with them and are also heat resistant. To use molds, generally, they have to be cleaned. This is easy with aluminium molds; just a few swipes and the mold is clean. A disadvantage to this type of molds is that there are only a few shapes and sizes to choose from. Most aluminium molds are circular and some come in square shape. This means they would not be suitable for one who loves variety. Apart from this, they are generally easy to work with and recommended for beginners.

Metal Candle Molds

Metal candle Molds
Metal molds are different from aluminium molds even though many confuse them for each other because they look the same and have similar qualities. One difference between both is that metal molds afford more choices in terms of size and shape and are a little thicker. Metal molds also last very long. With very little maintenance, they can be reused several times, even for years. They also leave no seams on the sides of candles.

Plastic Candle Molds

plastic candle Molds
These molds are very affordable but may not last as long as other types of mold such as metal molds. But they are so easy to work with that beginners would have little or no problem with them. They should be cleaned before use with soap and warm water. They also do not afford as much freedom as metal molds when it comes to shapes and sizes.

Silicone Candle Molds

silicone candle Molds
A big plus with silicone molds is the wide variety of shapes and sizes they offer. There are even silicone molds with irregular shapes. So they are generally cool to work with. Silicone is made of rubber and such molds are very flexible. Finished candles can be removed easily from them without using a releasing agent. However, their high cost turns many people off.

Polyurethane Candle Molds

Картинки по запросу Polyurethane candle Molds

These are also made of rubber but are much cheaper than silicone molds. But it may take a releasing agent to remove finished candles from them since they are not as flexible as their silicone molds.

Polycarbonate Candle Molds

Картинки по запросу Polycarbonate candle Molds
These are popular, transparent candle molds that combine qualities of the smooth surface of candles made with aluminium molds with the durability of metal molds. They are more of standard shapes and so offer limited options to choose from. But they can be a little expensive than aluminium molds anyway.

Glass Candle Molds

Using a glass mold is like making container candles with jars. Candles made with them have a smooth surface and can be easily removed. And they are also readily available as empty jars at home can be used instead of spending money on another. To select a jar, make sure it is one that would allow the wax to slide out easily unless you would be forced to settle for a container candle if it is not removable. Also use thick, heat-resistant ones. This is because glass jars can explode if very hot wax is poured in.

Latex Candle  Molds

These are less popular molds with many shapes available to choose from. They can even be used to form different designs on the surface of the candles. They also make it easy to slide finished candles out without using a releasing agent.

Special Candle Molds

Molds are not only meant for making pillar candles. There are also other molds meant for making other types of candles. So we have votive candle molds, tea light candle molds, floating candle molds, tapered candle molds and so on. There are even clamshell molds that can be used to make wax melts, which are not actually candles.

Homemade Candle Molds

Картинки по запросу Homemade Candle Molds
With candle making, there is no limit to your creativity. That is why even with molds, there are several materials that can be used as homemade candle molds. These include, cartons, muffin pans, tins, and so on. But make sure such materials used as molds do not leak. And make sure they are heat-resistant and non-flammable for the obvious reason that you are working with hot wax.

For used cartons, disposable ones like a Pringles can are suitable. But make sure the inside is coated with wax in some way else it would be difficult to remove the wax from the mold. After using it and the wax is hardened, just tear if off the finished candle. They are only for one-time use. You can also use disposable plastic containers but rub the inside with oil to ensure smooth removal of the candle when done. Tins should rather be used as container candles. If you would use them as molds, then you would have to tear it off of the finished candle with tough metal cutters because the candle would not come out.

Finally, test different types of molds. In DIY candle making, the rules are very flexible. I do not think there is a single kind of mold that can be considered far better than others. The one you decide to use would be based on the kind of finish you want, ease of working with it and of course, your budget..

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