Candle Making Supplies You Need to Make Candles

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Basic Candle Making Supplies

Today, most people now opt for DIY alternatives to common materials used at home. Candles fall into this category. Homemade candles are easier to make and less costly. This article will guide you, carefully on how to make beautiful candles from the comfort of your home. I will quickly go over the candle making supplies that you need.

Candle Wicks

The wick is the part of the candle that holds the flame. Most wicks come braided and are made of cotton. The width of your wick depends on the size of your container. In terms of length, it should be longer than the container as it will most likely be trimmed later on. You can also make your own homemade candle wicks

Candle Wax

Candle wax performs the dual role of holding the wick and also fuelling the flame. There are varieties of wax, with paraffin wax being the cheapest and most common. There are concerns in some quarters on paraffin’s toxic nature so many now opt for a relatively new alternative, soy wax, which is fast gaining popularity. It is a natural alternative to paraffin. There is also beeswax, which is the oldest of all but now less used. It is also the most expensive because of the effort it takes to get it. If you are the fun type, gel wax is for you, though, it is not very easy to work with. Paraffin wax does it for most people. Some also experiment by blending two types of wax together. One of such common blends is the paraffin-soy wax blend.

Containers and Molds

They are both used to give the candle its shape but are slightly different. Candles made using containers are meant to stay in the container and be used. Empty jars make good containers. On the other hand, candle molds are usually used to form candles that are meant to stand alone. Such are called pillar candles. Candle molds can be of metal (most common), plastic or silicon.

Other Candle Making Supplies

The three materials above are the basic candle making supplies you need and are the most important. In addition to those, you will need a heat source (such as a stove) and a double boiler to heat up your wax. A thermometer comes in handy too to measure the heat.

For decorating, you can get ready candle additives such as candle dye, candle fragrance oils, even flower petals etc. Get a paper or plastic cup or jar too with a digital scale mainly for measuring wax. A rubber spatula will be useful to stir your wax but a thermometer can substitute for this. Candle making can get very messy, so, keep your cleaning materials (paper towels etc.) close for use when the work is done.

Also, you will need different accessories to make your candle making process easier. Here are some of them:

Candle wick stickers - they help you secure wicks to the bottom of a container.

Candle wick centering device - it helps you keep wicks centered.

candle making supplies


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