How to Make Birthday Candles

How to Make Birthday Candles

These days, birthdays are not complete without the use of candles, especially if children are involved. So if you are planning your next birthday or that of a friend or family member, candles are probably some of the items you would have planned to purchase. Well, instead of that, you can actually save money by making the birthday candles at home. It is an easy process that takes few resources and can even be made fun by involving someone else in it.

As you most probably already know, birthday candles are not typical candles. They are very thin and tiny candles placed in birthday cakes, lighted and blown out by the celebrant as part of the birthday celebration. Since they are very small, they are quite easy to make, do not take much time and one can even make several of them at once. One of the old methods of candle making is dipping and this same process is used in making birthday candles. It involves soaking wicks into melted candle wax for some time repeatedly so that layers of wax would form around the wick. This process is necessary and is the only choice because the candles are so small they can neither fit into a container nor can they into any candle mold.

how to make birthday candles

What You Need to Make Birthday Candles

Beeswax is very popular for making birthday candles. Though they are more expensive than other candle waxes, they burn brightly, clean the air and are safe since the candles would be placed on a cake. Besides, a little sacrifice is worth it for a birthday; it only comes once in a year. Just make sure you are buying pure beeswax. For wicks, natural cotton wicks are preferable. The candles would be dipped in twos. So each strand of wick should be long enough to to make two candles with a little extra.

A double boiler and a stove are certainly needed, as with making any other type of candle. You would also need a container with cool water. A pair of scissors, a plastic fork, a wood or something to hang the wax on and a small object to keep wicks straight are optional or important tools needed too and I would explain when and how to use each.

How to Make Birthday Candles

Step One

Melt your wax in a double boiler over medium heat. To get a better burn, you may want to prime the wicks beforehand. This is done by filling the pan with very little wax. You need just enough to soak the wicks in. Soak them completely for about a minute and pull them out with a plastic fork. Then leave them to dry for some 15 to 20 minutes. Beeswax in block form need to be reduced, probably using a box grater.

Step Two

Now heat the wax you need for the actual candle making. The height of the wax in the pan should be just about the length of your wicks which is in turn based on how long you want the candles to be.

Step Three

Using a piece of wood to suspend the wick strand, dip each end into the melted wax. They should not touch each other or anything during this process. You may tie small weights (or metal washers) to each end to keep the straight.

Step Four

Dip both ends in the wax and pull out immediately but gently. Then dip them in the cool water you have prepared. Repeat this process a couple of times till you achieve your desired size.

Step Five

Cut off the weights with a pair of scissors. For a smooth surface, roll the still warm candles on a flat surface. Then leave the wax hanging fpr as long as needed to dry.

And so your beautiful birthday candles are ready for use!

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