Using Essential Oils in a Diffuser

Using Essential Oils in a Diffuser

Essential oils are basically chemical substances with aromatic properties found in sources such as blossoms, seeds, bark, stalks, and other parts of plants. Humans have benefited from the healing properties of these precious oils for centuries. When using a diffuser to dispense your essential oils you want to make sure that you choose a diffuser that is suitable for your essential oils.

Using a diffuser is a great way to freshen areas such as your work or home environment. I love using my diffuser as the final part of my house cleaning process, once tidied I then turn on my diffuser to give my home that fresh clean odor to match its fresh clean appearance.

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Essential oils are not water-based phytochemicals made up of volatile organic compounds. Essential oils do not include fatty lipids as found in vegetable and animal oils but they are fat soluble. You will never experience an oily discomfort on your skin from essential oils in their pure form. Many cultures use essential oils as a form of healing benefits often they are dispersed through aromatherapy.

Using your diffuser you can add a Spring diffuser recipe that will have you feeling cheerful in no time. You can instantly change your mood just by using aromatherapy. If you have yet to purchase a diffuser you will soon find out that they come in many different shapes and sizes, find one that will suit your needs and tastes. Most diffusers are very simple to setup, basically all you need to do is add your essential oil blend along with a small amount of warm tap water to your diffuser and you are good to go.

Картинки по запросу essential oils in diffuser

You will have your home smelling like Springtime freshness in no time at all. Using a diffuser to fill your home with an odor of freshness is much healthier and safer for you than using other unnatural products such as plug-in air fresheners, and sprays. Using your diffuser is the much healthier choice that will leave your home smelling refreshed and clean while offering you health benefits at the same time.

Sit back and breath in that Springtime air, allow your stress to melt away to be replaced with a feeling of contentment and peace. Give your mind and body some much-needed pampering that will leave you feeling energized and revived. Using your diffuser blends you will be able to rid your home of that stale smell it has built-up over the winter months. You can bring life back into your home environment with the use of your diffuser and essential oil blends.

Make use of the wonderful antibacterial and antiviral actions of essential oils that will fight against harmful microbes in the atmosphere while at the same time supporting your immune system. Just by launching the essential oils into the atmosphere in your home through the use of a diffuser will give you many health benefits that you will feel in no time!

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To disinfect the atmosphere in your home or environment you need to use a high concentration of essential oils. A great way to do this is by using a “nebulizing” diffuser in conjunction with a timer system. The cost of this type of diffuser may initially be somewhat higher, they are the best diffusers at dispersing “healing” doses of essential oils. This type of diffuser will diffuse in the largest area.

The nebulizers come in two forms: “cool air” and “ultrasonic”. The cool air diffuser uses only air force to diffuse the oil. The ultrasonic diffuser is basically a water-humidification system, where oils and water are combined. Both types have output controls, so you are able to turn down or up the amount of oil that is being diffused into your environment. They are both very quiet.

Картинки по запросу essential oils in diffuser
For aromatic use you can use a fan or heating diffuser. These work well when you are using them to help uplift your spirits while leaving the environment smelling wonderful. If you run your diffuser on a timer setting for every 30 minutes your nose will forget that the oils are in the air. You do not have to use a lot of essential oil to benefit from them as they are so highly concentrated and powerful.

Another thing I would like to point out that technically essential oils are not considered to be real oils. In order for a substance to be considered an “oil” it must include fatty acid. It must also derive from a plant that offers both medicinal and cosmetic properties. Many essential oils have elements within them that help to fight off many different ailments such as viruses, bacteria and fungus just to name a few.

Essential oils might seem a bit expensive, but you must understand that it takes a lot of plants to extract a small amount of essential oils. You could end up using 100 pounds of plant matter to extract 1 pound of essential oils. Take for example if you were making Bulgarian rose essential oil, it will take 4,000 pounds of roses to produce a single pound of this essential oil. With these numbers in mind it will give you a rough idea on just how concentrated essential oils actually are compared to what you would be naturally exposed to in nature. It is for this reason that you must exercise caution when using essential oils. Essential oils are viewed upon as safe, but it is still highly recommended that when using them you mix them with a base oil such as olive oil to help cut down their potency or strength.

When essential oils are used at full strength they could cause rashes, burns, and other unpleasant side effects. For the safest and best results you should use them very sparingly.


There are several precautionary warnings that you should be well aware of when you are using essential oils.

  • Certain essential oils such as lemon, ginger, clary sage, jasmine, chamomile, sage, cedarwood, and rosemary should not be used in your home if someone in your home is pregnant or nursing.
  • It is always best to test your sensitivity to an essential oil before you use it. You can do this by simply combining one drop of essential oil with 1/2 a teaspoon of olive oil. Rub this solution onto your arm and leave on for a few hours.
  • Check your arm regularly to look for signs of a rash or redness or perhaps even itching sensation in the area where you applied the oil. If you find that you have had no reaction in several hours to the essential oil it is probably safe for you to use that oil.
  • Make sure to keep your essential oils in a safe place just like you would any other medications in your household. Keep them out of the reach of children.
  • Keep essential oils well away from your eyes as they could cause damage to your eyes.
  • Do not take pure essential oil internally. You must keep in mind that these are very highly concentrated forms and can be very potent indeed. You can add them with oils that you might buy at the supermarket to add to your foods. The oils that you buy at supermarkets are diluted for safe use.
  • Do not overstock on your essential oils, most of them will last for about 5 years, and others may only last for 2 years. Keep in mind that you are only using a few drops of them at a time not the whole bottle.
  • You do not want to waste your money and buy too much essential oils that you will not use. It is always best to buy essential oils in small quantities.
  • Do research on any essential oil that you are unfamiliar with. Make sure to do a test of it on your arm to make sure that you have no allergies to it. You will have over 100 different essential oils to choose from.

Following these simple tips and suggestions will help you to practice safe use of essential oils. The recipes that we are looking at in this collection are essential oil recipes for diffuser use.

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