The Playroom: Bringing out the Kid in You

The Playroom: Bringing out the Kid in You

For those of us with kids, the playroom is the place our children run to during rainy and snowy days to get out all of their energy and enthusiasm. The paint scheme of this room should also reflect that point. For a playroom, the colors used should be positive and energetic. Gloss paint works well for this and is easy to clean up. Another nice flourish for young kids is to put up removable wallpaper and murals. Kid’s enjoy this kind of big and dramatic pieces as the centerpiece of the room.

Some other simple tricks you can use to redecorate your kid’s playroom is by upcycling or transforming some everyday items into centers of play. For example, you can take an old coffee table and turn it into a play station (not the video game console!) where your kids can put all of their toys and other items of the day.

Another great idea is turning one wall of the playroom into a chalkboard. Kid’s love this sort of thing, because it gives them a chance to write on the wall without you losing your mind! By using rolls of chalkboard material, you can turn any wall into a board where your kids can draw and write and then erase it all and start over again. Kid’s love this kind of set up and will thank you for it.


And when it comes to wall art, a really creative idea for the playroom is to take a kids magazine and cut out pictures of cartoons and either frame them or just glue the pictures themselves to the wall. Our son is a big Sponge Bob Square Pants fan, so what we did was simply to find every illustration of old Sponge Bob and then cut it out and with a few dabs of adhesive, “Boom”! We had an instant Sponge Bob mural! It’s a great way to set the atmosphere in your kid’s play area.

Above all, a child’s playroom should be kept simple and fun. You don’t want to belabor the point here too much. And you shouldn’t go overboard with the theme either since your child may outgrow what was originally a great set up. So just keep it basic, and you will have the best design setup for them today, and also something you can easily change for tomorrow.

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