Summery Breeze Baby Booties

Summery Breeze Baby Booties

Use cotton yarn in the color of your choice and a size G crochet hook

Chain 10, turn, and single crochet in the first stitch 2 times. Single crochet in each of the next stitches 1 time, finishing with a single crochet in the last stitch 2 times. Fold the length in half, so the bottom of the row is against the bottom of the row, and you have an oval that is 5 stitches across.

Join with a slip stitch, and chain 1. Turn, and single crochet all the way around the oval, maintaining the oval form. Continue to work for 5 more rows, measuring as you go along.

Once your oval is large enough to fit against the bottom of your baby’s foot, add on 3 more rows so the flat oval is larger than your baby’s foot.

For the next row, single crochet around 2/3 of the oval, then skip the next stitch. Single crochet around the edge of the toe, then skip the next stitch. Finish the row. Repeat this 2 more times. You are going to notice that the bootie is being pulled in over the toe, but that the back of the bootie is staying roughly the same.

If the back pulls in slightly it’s nothing to worry about, but if it pulls in a lot you should add some stitches in the back to keep it working up the back of the row. Continue to measure as you work, to ensure that you get the proper fit on your baby.

When the bootie can slip on and off easily, change to the other color, and work a single row around the top of the bootie. Use a length of chain to form the tie, and feed that through the top of the shoe. You can use the picture as a reference.

When you are finished, repeat for the other shoe, and you are done!

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