Dining Room: A Place of Friends

Dining Room: A Place of Friends

The place where your family and friends gather over meals should be a place that reflects the warmth and love of your home. In order to achieve this sort of theme, you will need to keep in mind balance and scale as you redecorate your dining space. For the dining room, it is good to use a darker paint base that provides a warm and cozy kind of feel. Dark blues are good for this sort of task, giving the person the perfect balance of warmth and relaxation as they mow down on your favorite dish!

As well as painting the walls you can also create a wonderful balance by painting the tables and chairs of the dining room as well. Instead of going out and buying furniture you can simply paint over the old variety and achieve a nice aesthetic just as well. Even the oldest and most beat up of furniture will be revived with new life when you commission it with a new paint job!

Matching new tablecloths create a nice effect as well but these could be a bit pricey, so again, just like with the window curtains mentioned in the previous chapter, you can avoid shelling out a lot of cash simply by going to a fabric store and obtaining fabric that way to use for your cloth. When picking out a fabric do not choose material that is too thick, instead, opt for a thinner material that is easier to wrap around surfaces.

Artificial flowers are a nice touch in the dining room as well. A nice centerpiece of artificial flowers can do wonders for the atmosphere of the whole room. Artificial flowers often get a bad rap for being cheesy, but there are several variety that you can buy that provide some real class with the added benefit of not having to water them! So, some good artificial flowers in the dining room is definitely a mainstay.

The dining room can be a place where you can truly be creative. If you wish to have a kind of casual or country feel you can do this with a wide variety of knick-knacks found at second-hand stores and garage sales. Let alone hitting up the thrift shops you may be surprised what you might find just hitting up your own attic, basement or garage. Just remember, it’s only junk if you don’t arrange it! Properly arranged with scale, balance and theme, they can make great decorating pieces for your dining room.

For the dining room the centerpiece should be situated around the table. Instead of making the table itself the complete focal point, it is usually a nice flourish to put an attractive and eye-catching item on top of the table. This is where that nice artificial plant you just acquired becomes quite useful. Plants real or artificial can often make quite pleasant centerpieces. Another option for the center focal point is to take an empty flower pot and use it to store silverware rolled up into napkins. This is a simple technique but its end result is very elegant and stylish.

Just like the other rooms mentioned lighting in the dining room is key. For the place where you have your gatherings and shared meals, you will want to have a pleasant and soft lighting that will keep everyone in a relaxed and conducive spirit for sharing their meals and their conversation. So it is a good option for you to go Walmart or Lowes and buy cheap lighting that can be used to augment the atmosphere of the room. Stay with a calming and casual theme. Pick out soft lighting, soft whites, blues or yellows will do just fine.

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