The Bedroom: A Decorating Siesta

The Bedroom: A Decorating Siesta

If a man’s home is his castle, his bedroom is his throne room. It’s the place where you go to recoup your weary brain and body from a hard days work and it should be designed accordingly. Like all the other rooms mentioned so far, the bedroom should have a paint scheme that matches the theme that you are trying to convey. Most likely soft blues similar to how we redecorated the bathroom would be good here as well, another nice flourish is to use textured paint that creates a unique sandpaper type feel.

The bedroom is the one place in the house where wallpaper can be a nice option. Wallpaper is also very cheap, which is, of course, good for the old budget, as we try to minimize expense. One nifty little trend is to create wallpaper murals. The patterns in these murals can be used to accentuate the flow of the room. Another good idea is to place a nice piece of wall art just above the bed. As we pay attention to the focal point, which is the bed in the room, a good way to highlight that is by placing a piece of artwork on the wall immediately above it.

Another good fashion design is to get some special pillow covers for your bed. Having pillow covers with a good color scheme can really help to maintain the balance of the theme that is trying to be conveyed. Bedding can also completely transform the look of any bedroom. Make sure that you take the time to add in the bedding style that fits your personality. And if you do not have quite enough money to fit bedding into your budget, that’s no problem either, another good alternative is to just add in numerous cheap decorative throw pillows. These things may be cheap, but they can add a lot of flavor to the room!

Another cheap trick that I’ve learned when it comes to decorating bedrooms, is to improvise on the headboard. The headboard is at the top of the focal point of the room, and the headboard is most likely the first thing that will catch someone’s eye when they walk into your bedroom, so we might as well make it flashy! And you can have that flashy headboard just by doing a little bit of improvisation on your old one.

This simple trick involves taking a piece of plywood that measures to the width of your bed. Then you can go to town, decorating and making this otherwise average board look really nice. There is a lot of stuff that you can do with this, you can attach fabric, using batting and hot glue, creating a unique and comfortable covering. With all of these tips and tricks, you will have a fantastic bedroom in no time flat!

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