The Bathroom: Simple Ways to Refresh

The Bathroom: Simple Ways to Refresh

Yes, we all have to go there! But why is the porcelain throne the first place we want to take a stab at decorating? This is in large part due to how easy it is to decorate bathrooms. Bathrooms are usually smaller than living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, so they are the best place to start. The other incentive to begin with the bathroom is that this can be your testing grounds; in other words, if you mess it up, it’s not as visible! So it is good to begin implementing your styles around the commode for a variety of reasons!

One of the most common mistakes that are made in decorating a bathroom is putting up wallpaper. Wallpaper cannot handle the fluctuating temperatures of bathrooms. When the humidity starts to set in, the wallpaper will start to bubble up and peel off. So when changing your wall décor don’t waste your time with this stuff and head straight for the paint. It’s best to choose a gloss paint that will be able to tolerate temperature fluctuating caused by continuous hot showers.

Along with the paint buy a new shower curtain and towels, that match your color scheme. Another good idea is to get some new outlet covers, these can usually be purchased at a low cost, just a few bucks from a hardware store. With just a new paint job, shower curtains, towels, and outlet covers to match, your bathroom is already looking new! That’s why the bathroom is such an excellent testing ground, easy changes make a big difference, and for relatively little cash.

Some other easily available furnishings are potpourri and plant life. Remembering the contour and shape desired, and matching it to scale, you can create a center of focus around a large plant situated directly on the back of the toilet. This is a great design, easy to do, and is great for moving the eye off some of the more unflattering aspects of a bathroom and onto a nice plant scape.

If you have the time and a little more money you can install tile on your bathroom floor. A tiled bathroom is always much more rewarding than other drab surfaces, and tiles that match your paint job will do wonders for the overall atmosphere of the room. You can buy tiles at a reasonable price from Lowes or any other hardware specialty store.

If you are working with mosaic tile you will be to use a tile saw to cut it out. To make things easier for yourself, instead of going to all of this trouble you should use tile that is already, “prefabricated”. These prefabricated tiles are the easiest to assemble and basically fit together just like puzzle pieces. Just fit these together over your floor and apply “thin set mortar” to attach them. Although this to dry for a couple of hours.

While you are waiting for this to dry try to install some more simple furnishings like display bowls, decorative soap, or various artwork that can offset the interior design of your bathroom. Another simple update, while you are at it, is to replace the light bulbs, lighting is everything in the bathroom. Bad lighting can make a bathroom look awful and tired, but good lighting can be relaxing and set your mind at ease. So keep this in mind while you make your selection. Also, you can opt for tinted lighting, for example, if you have decided to paint the walls light blue, a tinge of light blue in your light bulb would look magnificent! Just a few simple tricks to liven up even the most unruly of johns!

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