Redesigning Your Kitchen

Redesigning Your Kitchen

The first thing that the eye usually goes to in a Kitchen is the cabinets, and if your cabinet’s surface is worn out and drab, it will make the whole feel of your entire kitchen wore out and, yes, drab. One cheap trick to fix up your cabinets is to sand them down and then take a dark brown paint (lighter colors show more wear and tear) and paint the whole surface of the cabinet. If you sand down the cabinets well enough the new paint job can do wonders to the surface of your cabinet.

If you have a little time, and a little extra money though, you may want to resurface your whole kitchen. For resurfacing the first step remains the same as the painting option, first, you need to sand down the entire surface of the cabinet. After the cabinet surface is properly sanded down and smooth, the next thing you need to do is clean them. Yes, cleaning is necessary. A lot of people neglect to a throughout cleaning of their cabinet surface and this can cause a lot of problems later on. Namely, bacteria, which is bad for your health, and can create some odd odors from underneath your nice new finish later on. So, yes, please scrub and clean your sanded down cabinet surface.

After this is taken care of you can attach your plywood to the sides of the cabinet, carpenters glue is best for this task, you will also need to hammer in finish nails, this is the finishing touch to secure the plywood to the cabinet. Try to get the nails in there as deep as possible and then fill in the holes with some wood filler.

Next, take out your tape measurer and start taking measurements. You are going to need to measure out the entire vertical and horizontal length of the frames. Now you can take your resurfacing material and using these measurements cut out what will become your new cabinet surface. Then take this material and attach it with woodworking glue and you have successfully resurfaced your cabinets.


If you really don’t feel like resurfacing though, there are many other options as well. If it is cheaper and easier, you can just replace your old cabinet doors themselves. Taking this a step further, some have been quite pleased with the new look they created for their cabinets simply by taking their cabinet doors off completely and not replacing them. That’s right just leaving your old cabinet with no doors and the dishes and cups in the cupboard completely exposed creates an interesting display aesthetic. For this styling, you can also create Velcro to attach curtains so that they are not completely exposed but still left with an undeniably unique aesthetic.

Beyond the cabinets having a good paint job on the walls are very important as well. Remember that the kitchen is supposed to be a happy, gathering kind of place, so bright yellows would be a good place to start. Warm tones like beige, light blue, and yellow can do a really good job of renewing your kitchen.

Fitting in with the scale and form of the design, you can have your appliances refinished as well. This is cheaper than a lot of people realize. You can have a technician come right to your house and have most of your appliances refinished. You can also opt to replace the doors to your refrigerator and stove, just like resurfacing cabinets, replacing or touching up the doors to these appliances can make them seem brand new, instantly taking off years of wear and tear.

Many other additional flourishes can be added to create a new life in your kitchen. And when it comes to redecorating a kitchen you will find that Goodwill is king. At a local Goodwill store, you can find an endless variety of cheap décor for your kitchen. Artificial flowers are not tacky if done right, and neither is tea pitcher’s as decoration. There are many neat little knick-knacks you can use to spruce up your kitchen. In the process just remember your theme, keep in mind whether you are going for a casual, modern, or even country look. After all of these preparations are made you have a successfully remodeled and re-designed kitchen.



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