Living Room Decoration Secrets

Living Room Decoration Secrets

The living room is the number one place where most of the activity in your home takes place. You will want a style that is comfortable as well as elegant. You also want your living room to have a bit of energy and vibrancy to it. So that is why we suggest going for a much more dramatic paint color in the living room. The living room is where the action takes place, so you want this room to reflect that.

Re-flooring your living room to match your newly painted walls will not be necessary either, just buy a large rug that can cover most of the floor surface. You can really bring some energy and creativeness out with a good rug. Match the rug color to the walls, and using additional pattern schema is a welcome component to this as well. You can use a rug with bending soft lines that bring your eyes back to the wall, and the whole circumference of the living room. This creates a nice and full kind of effect throughout the entire scaling of your living room.

The most important part of the living room is its furniture, make sure that your furniture matches your wall and floor design and as mentioned in the introduction keep in mind the elements and themes that you are using to create your own unique design. If you are going for a warm and soft design, get furniture that reflects that, use pieces that have soft and rounded edges. Otherwise, if you are going for a more hard and streamlined aesthetic you can put in place more hard edge kinds of furniture.

If you are like most of us the focal point of your living room design and the object that you are probably going to situate all of your living room furniture around is that of your television. If you have a flat screen that hangs in the center of front your wall, arrange your furniture to reflect this. Or if you have a TV set up on the floor in an entertainment console in the center of the room, the design needs to be balanced around that.

You can become really creative in accentuating your living room focal point. You can use framed and wall art that slowly builds on your main point of interest. Most wall art can be cheaply acquired as well, the most expensive part of them being their frames and these can also be found cheaply at Goodwill, flea markets, and garage sales.

Just like in your bathroom the living room is also a great place to set up multiple varieties of plants. The bigger the better! You can have tall plants (real or artificial) standing up proud and tall in the corners of your living room, having these plants in the front corners of the living room creates a very nice balancing effect. Along with the plants you can add some cheap knick-knacks around your main focal point on shelves and attached to walls, but just be aware that the more you add the more cluttered it will be. You do not want a cluttered feel, so try to keep knick knack at a healthy minimum.

Another big thing in the living room is window dressing. The windows are your living rooms immediate openings to the outside world. They are like the eyes of the room and they need to be dressed up in a nice way. Instead of purchasing expensive curtains, you can go to a store like “Jo-Ann Fabrics” and design your own curtains. This is a lot easier than you might think. All you have to do is take down the measurements of your window and then buy fabric to match. And again, just like with the kitchen, keep in mind the theme you are working with, whether you are going for casual or modern is up to you. Either way, your living room will be in great shape in no time!


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