Creating the Perfect Candle

Creating the Perfect Candle

You’ve followed all the directions, you’ve gotten your wax up to temperature, you’ve put in your scent, and you have slowly watched it come back down to the right temperature. It’s time to transfer the wax to your jar, and the unthinkable happens. When you pour your wax into the jar, the wick falls and is buried. Of course, the wax is too hot for you to fish it back out, but you can’t burn your candle without it.

Or, you pour your wax into your jar, and you see your wick slide over to the side, making it off center. This might not sound like a big deal, but as soon as you light the candle, you realize that you aren’t going to get that even burn you want, and not all the wax will be used. Sound familiar? Don’t worry – you are about to learn what you need to do to keep your wick standing tall and in the center where it belongs.

Hack 1: Using sticks to center your wick.

If you have a pair of chopsticks or skewers, you have everything you need to keep your wick centered. Place the wick in your jar, then lay the sticks on either side of the wick. Use tape or rubber bands to hold these sticks tightly against the wick, and leave them there. Pour in the wax. If there is a shift in the wick, simply use your sticks to gently push it back into place. Let the candle set up as you normally would.

Hack 2: Invest in a wick holder to keep your wick in place.

Yes, the candle makers have thought of everything, and you can purchase a wick holder to keep your wick centered and standing tall when you pour your wax in place. These either sit above the top of the jar and clasp the wick, or they can be centered over the jar as with the chopsticks. Once the wax is ready you are going to pour it into the jar, then check carefully to ensure the wick is in place. Slide it to where it needs to be, then allow the candle to finish setting up.

Hack 3: Use a clothespin to hold the candle wick in place.

Simple grab the tip of the wick with a clothespin and hold onto it with one hand while you gently pour the wax in with your other hand. This keeps your hands up and out of the way of the hot wax while you pour, but it also puts you in complete control over where the wick sits. Though losing your wick in a pile of wax is one of the most frustrating things that can happen, it only takes a bit of practice before you develop a technique that will keep the wick in place while you work. Try all three of these methods and decide which you like best, and always enjoy a centered candle wick in your burn.


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