Palm Wax for Candle Making

Palm Wax for Candle Making

Palm wax is a 100% natural wax that is made from palm berries. Palm wax is a sustainable resource, biodegradable and natural.

There are a number unique characteristics relative to palm wax, these include:

  • palm wax is an incredible hard wax and has a higher melt point than the softer paraffin wax and soy wax candles; palm wax has a melting point of approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit which allow palm wax candles to burn more slowly and more brightly
  • palm wax, when properly utilized, creates a distinctive crystalline or feathering pattern
  • palm wax's large crystal molecular structure allows it to absorb a greater level of fragrance and release it smoothly

Palm wax creates a unique candle that burns differently than other waxes. Palm wax has a very high melt point and therefore requires a hotter flame to melt the candle; this results in a slower burn than most other candles. There is a small margin between the wax's solid & liquid state. When you blow out your candle, you will see that the wax in the melt pool quickly hardens.


Palm wax is a hard, brittle wax. A palm pillar candle dropped on the ground would dent and crumble. Also because of the hardness of the palm wax, your candle will not melt in the sun as is the case with other waxes. Unlike paraffin, palm wax candles do not become soft and bendable when heated and therefore cannot be "hugged" (squeezing the sides of the candle slightly inward). A unique characteristic of palm wax is the "down, then out" burn. When you initially burn your candle the flame will tunnel down the middle, creating a shell. Do not chip the sides down with a knife to make it burn wider as the candle will eventually "bloom" outward further along in the burn process. When the candle blooms, the top edges become thinner and the sides will slide down into the melt pool.

The melt pool generates the “hot throw.” “Hot throw” is the strength of fragrance when your candle is lit, whereas “cold throw” is the potency when unlit. Because the melt pool generates the hot throw scent, the more you burn your candle, the greater the aroma.

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