How to Choose Wicks for Your Soy Candles

How to Choose Wicks for Your Soy Candles

Choosing the best wicks for soy candles is key to a high-quality candle. It ensures the candle burns at its most optimal level with a reliable and effective scent throw.



  • An even burn pool spread to the edge of the container and approximately 1 cm deep
  • Has great scent and fragrance throw
  • Has a small flame that does not flicker
  • Has a consistent and reliable burn time


  • THE DIAMETER OF THE CANDLE Put simply - the larger the diameter of your candle, the larger the wick required.
  • THE TYPE OF WAX USED IN THE CANDLE The various wax types (e.g. soy wax, pillar wax blends, paraffin wax, gel wax, beeswax etc.) have different densities and melting points. These variances mean that the wax type influences which wick size is the most optimal for your candle. The denser the wax type and the higher the melting point, the larger the wick required.
  • THE AMOUNT FRAGRANCE OIL AND COLOURING USED IN THE CANDLE The more fragrance oil and colouring used, the larger the wick required.
  • THE INTENDED BURN TIME OF THE CANDLE If you intend for the candle to be burned for shorter time intervals (i.e. 1hr – 1.5hrs intervals) then you will need a larger wick. This is because the wax in a candle first has to burn outwards (forming the burn pool) before it starts to burn down. If the candle is intended to be burned for shorter time durations, it may not burn for long enough to form the full molten pool. Therefore, a larger wick size will be needed to allow the burn pool to develop faster.

Many factors can affect the burn of the candle and therefore it is vital that you conduct proper testing to determine the best wick size before producing larger batches. It is often best to experiment by buying a wick that is one size higher and lower than your selected wick, this way you can test a few different sizes and determine the wick that works best for your candle.

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