Benefits of Using Soy Wax

Benefits of Using Soy Wax

When it comes down to which wax you are going to use for your candles, you must make the decision for yourself. However, soy wax is the most popular candle making wax for a reason, and you are about to learn why. You’ve already seen the difference between beeswax and soy wax in many ways, with the great debate largely coming down to the ethics of where the wax comes from.

However, there is more to soy wax than what originally meets the eye, and unless you thoroughly understand the benefits that come from using soy wax, there’s no way you can truly appreciate it for what it is. Remember that not only is soy wax sourced from plants, but it’s also much less expensive to purchase. Anywhere you can save money in supplies means that you can make more candles for less.

Hack 1 Use soy wax for candles that last longer. As I have already said, soy wax emits a slow, easy burn that lasts for hours. When you burn your candle, you know you want it to last a while, maybe even through a few burns. But, when you use other waxes, it seems they burn so quickly you don’t have the chance to enjoy your candle. Use soy wax to solve this problem, and enjoy a candle that’s going to burn for hours at a time, and can be burnt several times before it’s consumed.

Hack 2 Use soy wax for any scented or aromatherapy candles. Or, should I say, use soy wax especially for aromatherapy candles. Soy is light and odorless, and when you combine this fact with the slow burn, you’ll see that it’s a match made in heaven. Soy candles emit a much stronger – and richer – scent than other waxes, meaning you can use less oils in your candles and still enjoy the rich benefits that come from using them. If you want to make candles to help you relax, soy is the perfect wax to use for the job.

Hack 3 Soy is a much cleaner wax to use in many ways. Soy has a much cleaner burn than other waxes, meaning there is less soot in your home when you burn your candles. You spend enough time cleaning as it is, you don’t want your relaxation to add to the mess. In addition, soy wax is much easier to clean if it has been spilled. All you need is a little bit of dish soap and warm water, and it will come right off the counter – or even the carpeting if your candle was tipped over.

Other waxes tend to be much harder to clean, and can even leave a residue on the surface even after it has been tended to. When it comes to your own personal candle making, you have the freedom to choose any wax you like, however, soy wax is going to give you the best benefits, and the most value for the money you spend.

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