Candle Wick Types

Candle Wick Types

There are many different types of candle wicks on the market and each has a specific application and a specific amount of fuel it will be able to consume.

Cored Wick

This wick is used in candles requiring a self-supporting wick, such as a container, votives, pillars, and novelties. Pre-waxing of these candle wicks is recommended for increased rigidity. There are three types of cored candle wicks, cotton, paper & zinc. Zinc is the most rigid followed by paper and cotton.

Flat Braid

Wick This candle wick is used in molded free standing candles such as pillars and tapers. It is designed to bend slightly when burned allowing for an even burn and a reduction of carbon (mushrooming) at the tip.

Square Braid Wick

This wick is used in the majority of beeswax candles, tapers and pillars. It is designed to give a slight bend at its tip when burning.

Specialty Wicks

These wicks are specially designed to meet the burn characteristics of specific candle applications, such as oil lamps and insect-repelling candles.

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