A Discussion on Color

A Discussion on Color

One of the most fun ways you can personalize your candles is to add color to them. From deep, rich colors to just a hint of color here or there, you can really let your imagination run wild as you color your candles. But, adding color to your candles is a skill in itself, and with the right technique, you can make some incredibly colorful candles.

The Layered Candle To layer color in your candles, you will create several smaller batches of wax and allow them to set up in your candle one at a time. Start by dividing the wax appropriately, then selecting the colors you wish to use for your candle. Heat the first portion of wax to 178 degrees F. in your double boiler, or use a glass bowl with water in the pan to create your own double boiler. Color the wax whichever color you select for the base of your candle, and as color is melting into the wax, set the wick of your choice as well as a tab in the center of your jar. Pour the first layer of wax into the base of the jar, then prop the jar against something so the wax sits at an angle within the jar. You can purchase jar holders for your candles, or you can make your own using a towel and a book. Allow this to set up – depending on how much wax you used, it should only take a couple of hours. During this time clean your candle supplies thoroughly, then begin again with a new color. Repeat the same process, only tilt the jar to the other side after you have poured the wax inside. Continue for as many colors as you wish to add to your candle, tilting the candle back and forth each time. When you reach the final layer, leave the candle standing upright for a smooth finish across the top.

Use Crayons for Color When it comes to coloring your candle, you have several options of what to use. Crayons are an excellent way to color your candle without spending a lot of money, as you can easily use the leftover crayons from your child’s coloring box. Even should you choose to purchase your own crayons for the task, you will save a lot of money over what you would spend on the color blocks.

Striping a Candle Another great way to bring color into your candle is to stripe it as it sets. To do this, melt your wax in the double boiler, bringing the temperature up to 160 degrees F. In a separate boiler, melt the crayon of your choice. Pour your candle wax into the jar, and allow the temperature to come down. Keep the crayon melted on the stove during this process. Once the candle wax has started to cool, pour the crayon into the candle, and stir slightly, bringing the swirl to the top of the candle. Allow this to finish setting up, and you have a striped candle!

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